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Strategic Plan

The strategic plan was developed to provide both IFMA volunteers and staff with a clear and common direction as they pursue endeavors to benefit the association, its members and the profession as a whole.

IFMA is committed — not only to members, but to the entire facility management community — to support, represent and advance facility management. ​IFMA leadership revisits the strategic plan each year to further refine and focus the goals and objectives ​the association pledges to carry out for the benefit of the facility management industry. As the board of directors identifies changes and trends impacting the profession, IFMA staff responds by developing resources that enhance the value of the association to all segments of the international facility management community.

IFMA Strategy Map 2016


To be the global standard and resource for facility management.


To advance ​the professional discipline of facility management worldwide.


We believe people come first. We are committed to enable, empower and equip facility management professionals. We will provide training and knowledge sharing to support safe, sustainable and resilient workplaces focused on achieving the organizational goals. We are committed to advancing the industry by conducting all of our activities in accordance with our core values as stewards of the built environment.

Learn. Connect. Advance.

Strategic Objectives 

  1. Stakeholder perspective: Provide exceptional value and credibility by leveraging credentials, knowledge sharing and experience by providing geographically relevant offerings.
  2. Internal perspective: Deliver exceptional value to stakeholders by optimizing governance, systems and alignment.
  3. Learning and growth perspective: Magnify the importance of facility management worldwide by fostering a culture of innovation, passion and meaning among stakeholders.
  4. Financial perspective: Exercise fiduciary responsibility and accountability through diversified revenue, distributed risk, cash and investment management, and prudent decision making.

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