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The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) is the globally recognized credential to help you showcase the mastery of your skills across the entire FM body of knowledge.

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The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) is the pinnacle achievement in facility management certification. Widely regarded as the industry standard in facility management certification.

  • Gain credibility in your professional network
  • Showcase your knowledge of 11 core competencies
  • Grow as a leader in facility management
  • Proudly join a distinguished group of FM professionals
4 Step CFM Process Card

*Please Note: Materials offered by IFMA to prepare for the CFM Exam, such as the CFM Exam Prep Workshop and CFM practice exams, are optional study resources and are not a requirement of eligibility, nor are they endorsed by the IFMA Certification Commission.

The world’s leading facility management credential:

  • Accredited by ANSI National Accreditation Board
  • Trusted for 30+ years

Demonstrate your industry expertise and knowledge

The CFM exam comprehensively covers all 11 core competencies of facility management.​

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Risk Management
noun_sustainable_2134814 copy
noun_finance_984063 copy
finance & business
noun_human factors_3188907 copy
Occupancy & human factors
noun_leadership_1613117 copy
Leadership & Strategy
noun_maintenance_3378488 copy
noun_project management_1814428 copy
Project management
noun_Real Estate_3239168 copy
real estate
noun_quality_1078235 copy
Performance & Quality
noun_Technology_2935550 copy
Facility Information Management & technology management

The facilities management certification for professionals looking to advance

An internationally recognized credential, setting the standard for ensuring the knowledge and competency of practicing facility professionals.

If you have 5+ years FM experience and are looking to be recognized as an expert in the industry, the CFM may be the perfect credential for you.​


Active CFMs


Manager or Director Level

5 years

Work Experience


Receive Salary Increase


Retired CFMs


Exam Pass Rate

Download the CFM Study Guide

The CFM gave me a lot of confidence in myself, because I always perceived that I wasn’t smart enough or not good enough as other people were, women especially. So, for me, it was it made me feel really good and so I started to behave that way with other people

Mary Gauer, CFM, Founding Member of IFMA

Three easy steps to apply for your Certified Facility Manager credential

Everything you need to know to qualify, prepare and apply for certification.

Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility

Work Experience
5 years
3 years
bachelors degree in FM
masters degree in FM
Ethics Training

Take the IFMA ethics assessment or submit ethics coursework within 30 days of passing the exam. Contact credentials@ifma.org for more information.

Step 2: Prepare for the Exam

Understand the exam format

Exam Workshop

This virtual workshop reviews the exam methodology and practices critical thinking skills. (Please note that this workshop is not a subject matter review of the 11 competencies.)

Book a workshop
Practice Exam

Get an idea of what to expect in terms of the types of exam questions and the experience of taking the exam.

  • 90 questions
  • Up to 5 retakes
Take practice exam

Fill Knowledge gaps


Review a breakdown of the 11 core competencies of FM and test your knowledge with sample questions in the CFM Exam Prep Guide.

View exam prep guide
Competency Courses

Fill your knowledge gaps before sitting for the exam by enrolling in our new online core competency courses.

Explore competency courses

IFMA’s preparation resources and study options are not required to take the exam. Participation with the workshops, taking the practice exam, courses or other IFMA resources does not guarantee a passing score on the exam. Exam fee not included.

Step 3: Apply and Take the Exam

Application & Payment
  • Complete your CFM Application in the CAMP platform
  • Complete the CFM Application Payment Form
  • Sit for the exam within three months (90 days) of approval
Sitting for the CFM

After you’re approved, schedule your exam at a testing center or test remotely with a virtual proctor. Download our CFM Handbook for details.

  • 4 hours to complete
  • 180 multiple choice questions
  • Pass/Fail grading

The CFM is valid for three (3) years. To maintain your credential, you can take courses and online training that awards CEUs.

Recertification Fees: 

Members: $290 USD
Nonmembers: $365 USD

For more information on exam statistics, specifications, special accommodations, impartiality, and conflict of interest click here.

For concerns or complaints about certification activities or a certified individual, please refer to the policy found on p. 25 of IFMA’s CFM Handbook.

15:1 Return of Investment

The average five-year return on investment of IFMA credentials is 15:1 for credential holders*

$6,000+ Avg. Salary Increase

On average, IFMA credentials lead to a US$6,000 salary increase within the first year*

77% Pass Rate

Join the ranks of the professional elite. Get recognized by your peers and company.

* Based on IFMA's ROI Credential Salary Report. Learn more.


Apply today to get certified

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Certified Facility Manager (CFM®)

Get certified today and let employers know you're serious about your career.

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  • Internationally-recognized and trusted
  • Proudly showcase your skills with confidence




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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely no training or coursework is required to take the CFM exam. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements (3 years industry experience with an FM bachelors or 5 years industry experience), you can successfully apply to take the exam.

That being said, every FM’s knowledge and experience levels vary. If you need to fill knowledge gaps in any of the 11 core competencies or learn the methodology of the exam, IFMA offers a variety of resources to help you prepare for earning the gold-standard credential of FM.

Email our training support team at corporateconnections@ifma.org to learn about creating your personalized CFM exam prep plan, as well as special pricing for teams of 2 or more.

No, but full members are given discounted pricing. Learn how to become a full member today!  (https://www.ifma.org/membership

The CFM is designed for experienced facility professionals who have 3 – 5 years of industry expertise. Review the full eligibility requirements to see if the CFM is right for you. You can also download the CFM Candidate Handbook for more information. 

If you want to test your knowledge, our CFM Exam Prep Resource has sample questions and breakdowns of the 11 core competencies. For a deeper dive into subject matter of any of the 11 competencies, check out our online, self-paced courses. You’ll earn CEUs and fill any training gaps you may have, as well as receive a digital badge to verify your new knowledge.

IFMA offers virtual CFM exam prep workshops each month that will help you understand the overall concept and methodology used on the exam. This workshop will also help you learn to apply critical thinking skills and understand the rationales used. 

Yes, we do offer corporate and group training. Special pricing applies for groups of 2 or more individuals. Contact us at corporateconnections@ifma.org to learn more. 

You can manage your credentials through our Credential Application Maintenance Program (CAMP). 

Please reference our CFM Recertification document.

Use our Credential Registry to find and verify what credentials potential or current employees hold.

Individuals with feedback regarding the assessment process, personnel or other elements of the credentials process are encouraged to discuss these with the individuals involved, to try to resolve the matter informally. In some cases, however, informal resolution is not possible, and individuals may wish to file a formal complaint. Learn more at p. 25 of IFMA’s CFM Handbook.

To those that make it possible

A special thanks to all of the volunteers of the Certification Commission who help solidify
IFMA credentials as the world-leading education for facility managers.

  • Ted Cohen, CFM, MBA, MPA, PMP
  • Clayton Tenbroeck, CFM, FMP
  • Kung Wai (Lawrence) Cheung, CFM, MRICS, HKIS, RPS, CEnv
  • Jennifer Conine, CFM, SFP
  • Linda DeTienne, CFM, GRP, BOC
  • Travis Dodson, MBA, CFM, FMP, SFP, ProFM
  • Ronald Kaczmarek, CFM, FMP
  • Leo Okafor, CFM
  • Jyothi Paul, B.Eng, CFM, FMP, CEM, Leed AP 

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