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This credential course is packed with the latest insights and best practices to help you support your company’s growth and meet the evolving demands of environmental responsibility.

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Improve operations.
Deliver results.

Develop Better Strategy

Apply strategic framework for sustainability planning to your facilities.

Improve change management

Understand who to involve in sustainable culture shifts and recognize contributors.

make a business case

Learn how to gain buy-in and report on sustainability improvements.

engage with others

Connect with other facility professionals in optional learning labs.

discuss key topics

Participate in thoughtful discussions to solidify learning.

learn business reporting

Learn the art of creating communications and strategic plans.


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“The SFP is a major segment in supporting and maintaining an organization's sustainability mission and vision by providing FMs with the knowledge and resources to execute, deliver and maintain sustainable buildings and infrastructures. “

Patrick Okamura, CFM, FMP, SFP, IFMA Fellow

“The SFP credential helped me translate abstract concepts into practical application!”

Lynn Baez, CFM, FMP, SFP, CBCP, IFMA Fellow

“Earning my SFP helped me to do all I can to achieve the highest sustainability goals for my employer.”

Ronald Ward, FMP, SFP, CPSI

“My SFP was very valuable because it gave me ways to build the value case for my buildings.”

Jeremy MacDonald, SFP, MCR, LEED-AP

What’s Included

Learn key strategies and tactics such as improving operational efficiencies, energy purchasing and consumption, and also introduces the emerging trends like ESG, circular economy and more.

Building a Sustainable Facilities Program

Understand the impact of global and local sustainability goals and regulations on facility operations. Study the balance of the triple bottom line, environmental sustainability and relationship between organizations and climate change.

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Unit One

Sustainability Strategy

Compare organizational strategies and consider the impact of the 5 principles of sustainability. Study development of sustainable strategies, policies and initiatives and learn to prepare the business case.

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Unit One

Planning for Sustainability

Learn how to promote sustainable facility management practices and develop business cases and a process-based approach to develop strategies, policies and sustainability initiatives.

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Unit One

Understanding Financial Language

Explore creative financial mechanisms to reduce implementation costs of sustainability initiatives and understand common financial concepts and identify options for procurement.

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Unit One

Energy Management

Deep-dive into sustainable energy fundamentals and solutions to become more efficient at energy management.

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Unit Two

Water Management

Deep-dive into water management and learn conservation best practices such as water reclamation and more.

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Unit Two

Materials and Consumables Management

Understand the considerations when using sustainable versus consumable solutions, learn how to build a sustainable supply chain and monitor its efficacy.

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Unit Two

Waste Management

Learn how to understand and explain the considerations needed when exploring sustainable waste solutions in your facility.

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Unit Two

Workplace Management

Make your workplace facilities more efficient and enjoyable by understanding when and how to use workplace management solutions.

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Unit Two

Implementing a Sustainability Initiative

Learn how to outline the process of implementing a sustainability initiative and establish baseline metrics.

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Unit Three

Managing Change

Learn the three stages of change, how to identify and mitigate change resistance, and how to create an effective communication plan.

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Unit Three

Evaluating & Reporting

Discover how to effectively evaluate a sustainability initiative, create an evaluation for your facilities, and how to propose revisions to your organization's current initiatives.

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Unit Three

The leading credential to help you upskill and meet the needs of your demand organization’s triple bottom line.

  • Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
  • Strategic Framework
  • Communications Plan
  • Change Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Material Management
  • Reporting Techniques
  • Financial Planning

“Sustainability is the future for organizations. And the SFP gave me a great foundation to be a part of the conversation!”

Dawn Moynihan, CMF, FMP, SFP

“The SFP taught me how to develop plans and quantify projects to ensure we approach them strategically.”

Travis Dodson, MBA, CFM, CIPM, FMP, SFP, ProFM

“With the SFP, I’m able to help management understand the importance of reducing waste.”

Samantha Todd, FMP, SFP

“The SFP creates value and changes the perception that FM is just a cost center.”

Ronald Ward, FMP, SFP, CPSI

Frequently Asked Questions

If you work through one (1) chapter and its corresponding final assessment per week, you can finish the SFP in 14 weeks. On average, it takes 46-67 study hours to complete the entire program (this doesn’t factor in the optional, virtual SFP Learning Labs).

You will have access to the full SFP program for 1 year (12 months) from your activation date.

No, but full members are given discounted pricing. Learn how to become a full member today!  (https://www.ifma.org/membership

No. We’re deeply committed to sustainability, so the SFP program is completely online. Optional printed materials are available for an additional fee. Email corporateconnections@ifma.org to order printed materials

The SFP was designed to help you operate buildings sustainably, whether they're certified or not. Once you certify a facility, you must maintain that certification. Those who hold the SFP credential are an extension of that and can apply their knowledge of sustainable practices into every aspect of their role in the organization. 

Think of the SFP as an investment in future protection of your building certification. 

Our subject matter experts added the following emerging trends and current events into the course content:

  • Circular economy
  • United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • ESG

Yes, our SFP Learning Labs offer peer-focused discussion of sustainability concepts and strategies taught in the SFP program. Deep-dive into case studies, sustainable FM scenarios and more with your peers and move from concept to application -- all in weekly virtual learning sessions.

See the schedule>>

To be recognized as an SFP, you’ll submit an application once you've completed all final assessments. 

When your application is officially approved, as an SFP you’ll receive: 

A confirmation email from IFMA 
A lifetime listing in our credentials registry 
A digital certificate of your achievement and a digital badge for verification of your knowledge. 
Use this to share your credentials with current/potential employers, decorate your LinkedIn profile, include in your email signature and more. 

For more information on accessing your digital badge and certificate, email credentials@ifma.org

Yes! Switching to the new, updated SFP program is easy. All you need to do is contact training@ifma.org and request an update. The process usually takes 1 business day to complete.

We would love for you to bring your sustainable facilities knowledge up-to-speed with the learning content in the new SFP updates. To be enrolled into the updated SFP, please contact training@ifma.org. You will only have access to the updated online content, and your access will last for 6 (six) months from the date of activation. 

Yes, we do offer corporate and group training. Special pricing applies for groups of 2 or more individuals. Contact us at corporateconnections@ifma.org to learn more.  

The SFP program has been very beneficial to my development, providing me with the knowledge and tools to enhance my workplace. It has also shown my leadership benefits by giving confidence and weight to the ideas I bring them.”

Matthew Kuhlmeier, FMP, SFP

“Recommended for anybody looking for practical knowledge of sustainability.”

Sharatchandra Rao, CFM, PMP, FMP, SFP, IOSH MS

“Great course! I can now assist my customers with sustainability initiatives.”

Jenna Young, SFP

“Discuss and accelerate ideas into actions, by establishing sustainable practices for the FM Community.“

Dinesh Reddy

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  • Study aids and flashcards
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  • Sustainability Best Practices

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