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Given the extraordinary volatility and uncertainty in Washington and around the globe, the Government Affairs Committee Leadership has made the difficult decision to postpone this year’s Advocacy Day. Despite this scheduling set back, IFMA’s Advocacy Program continues to work to drive policy and conversations around workforce training, energy and sustainability, disposition of excess property and the challenges the building sector faces in a post-covid environment.

In addition to ongoing monthly Government Affairs Committee meetings, IFMA is planning a virtual policy forum in early 2024 and will look forward to an in-person Advocacy Day in September 2024.

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Working through the Global Government Affairs Committee IFMA seeks to connect the subject matter expertise of our members to inform legislation and highlight the role of effective facility management in achieving public policy goals such as energy efficiency, building health and safety and workforce development. In addition to Advocacy efforts, IFMA works with Public Sector Partners on the regional, national and international level to provide resources and share best practices for the operation and maintenance of public sector buildings.

FM and Energy Efficiency

Facility managers confront the business case for energy efficiency each day. Commercial buildings are the largest users of electricity and present an excellent opportunity to reduce energy use and associated environmental impacts. While many low-cost solutions to improve efficiency including lighting upgrades and metering have already tapped to improve efficiency, a comprehensive investment in effective, reliable facility management remains an untapped immediate resource.

Essential FM

The ongoing operation and maintenance of the buildings is an essential job function and is critical for protecting building occupants. Design professionals, engineers, contractors, facility managers, service providers and code officials operate facilities, maintain critical infrastructure and ensure the continuity and functionality of the built environment. As such they are critical to the support and operation of hospitals, research centers, government buildings, food distribution networks and other facilities necessary for the COVID-19 response.

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September 2024

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