About IFMA


Staff listing by department

Executive Team

Don Gilpin – President and Chief Executive Officer
Jeffrey Johnson – Executive Director, Government Affairs
Linda Pate – Executive Administrative Services Officer
Jim Vetter – Chief Financial Officer
Cathy Pavick – Senior Director, Professional Development
Kim Coffey – Executive Director, Business Development
Maureen Lederer – Senior Director, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations
Lara Paemen, IFMA EMEA Managing Director
T.J. Mendieta, CEM – Director, Expo and Advertising


Jennifer Muesse – Director, Accounting
Aimee Mudd – Accountant III
Minh Le – Accountant III
Lisa Prell – Accountant III


Kholo Kondelis – Human Resources Manager

Communications – communications@ifma.org

Chablis Lindquist – Senior Editor and Writer
Bobby Vasquez – Editor

Components (Chapters, Councils and Communities) – components@ifma.org

Mary Ressler – Director, Components and Membership
Treslyn Onajoko – Components Manager
Joshua Amos – Components Liaison
Aniesha Hall – Components Liaison
Natalie Ortega – Components Liaison

Events – events@ifma.org

Ann Loayza – Director, Conferences and Events
Cyndy Thompson – Conference Manager
Minh Pham – Senior Events Coordinator
Audrey Luttmann, Conference Programs Specialist

Expo and Advertising – expoadv@ifma.org

Diana Maldonado – Senior Account Manager, Expo & Advertising
Clarissa Arguelles – Support Representative, Expo & Advertising

Marketing – marketing@ifma.org

Ashley Tucker - Director, Communications and Marketing
Leslie Robinett - Communications and Marketing Manager, Events
Daniela Werner - Communications and Marketing Manager, Professional Development
Alyssa Kirkman - Communications and Marketing Manager, Membership
Katherine Sproles - Content Marketing Manager
Angelica Dinh – Website Manager
Ellen Cregan – Director, Creative Services
Yonas Woldetsadik – Graphic Designer and Video Coordinator
Jack Marsden – Marketing and Communications Specialist
Elizabeth Shelton - Communications and Social Media Specialist

Membership- membership@ifma.org

Mary Ressler – Director, Components and Membership
Andremarie Jean- Membership Engagement Manager
Zaidmy Mesa – Member Services Representative
Regina Savage - Member Services Representative
Paulina Mijares  - Member Services Representative

Professional Development – credentials@ifma.org

Rhonda Hager – Credentials Manager
Crystal Herrera – Credentials Specialist
Vicky Acosta – Director, Learning Technology
Deb Van Dyne - Learning Management Systems (LMS) Manager
Laura Clark – Learning Operations Specialist
David Deckert – Programs Support Manager, Professional Development
Angie Dyson – Course Development Project Manager
Jamie Ognosky – LMS Coordinator

Sales and Corporate Partners – corporateconnections@ifma.org

Lauren Krueger – Director, Sales Operations
Gayle Head – Senior Account Manager, Professional Development
Cassandra Warholak - Partner Support Manager
Starlyn Berlanga – Account Manager, Professional Development
Elizabeth Mitchell – Programs Support Representative
Jessika McBride – Training Support Specialist

Technology – technology@ifma.org

Lindy Daniels – Lead Developer, Web and Enterprise Systems
Grady Hughes – .NET Developer

Web – web.support@ifma.org

Louie Kafka – Web Developer

Research and Benchmarkingresearch@ifma.org

Nickalos Rocha – Director, Benchmarking

IFMA Foundation

Diane Coles Levine – Executive Director, IFMA Foundation
Christina Gonzales – Program Support Specialist, IFMA Foundation