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The Convergence: Managing Digital Risk and FM's Role in Protecting Digitizing Buildings
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A valuable platform for FMs who need comparative tools to conduct their jobs.

Customized Reporting

Build custom operations and maintenance benchmarking reports for maintenance, sustainability, janitorial or utilities costs. For the data enthusiast, consider the Power User® subscription.

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Choose a region, facility use, facility size and facility age to customize your reports.

Custom Research Reports

As the leading facility management association, IFMA is committed to providing businesses and organizations with comprehensive insights to identify growth opportunities in a rapidly changing market.

Facility managers face new expectations and requirements from demand organizations, end-users, and regulators. Together, these will create new growth opportunities for your organization. Potential areas for custom research include:

  • Environmental sustainable operations, including net zero processes
  • Digitally enabled functions, including data strategy and management
  • Cyber-physical convergence and security
  • Changing work and workforce requirements
  • End-user health and well-being across a range of work settings
  • And more!

Custom Benchmarking Reports

Save time and allow IFMA to be your solution! Get critical insights to operations and maintenance costs within selected industries and geographical regions through IFMA’s Custom Benchmarking Data Analysis Service.

Using current and past data from IFMA’s reports, you can receive a custom analysis of selected sections of maintenance, janitorial and/or sustainability compared to:

  • Selected regions (North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, India, Middle East)
  • 30+ industries
  • COVID-19 impacts
  • Maintenance practices, costs and staffing benchmarks
  • Space planning benchmarks
  • Salary and compensation
  • Healthcare
  • FM processes
  • And much more!

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, IFMA Research and Benchmarking will work closely with you to understand your business needs and provide tailored insights for critical business decisions so you can stay ahead of the curve.

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Whether as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) volunteer, project sponsor, or survey participant you can be a part of what drives the FM industry forward. IFMA Research and Benchmarking’s internationally recognized studies are fully FM member-driven.

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SME volunteers are essential to IFMA’s Research and Benchmarking efforts and are a core reason why IFMA’s Research and Benchmarking sets the industry standard for FM research.

SME volunteers are the lifeblood of IFMA studies. All research content requires proper vetting before it can be approved for publication. That’s where you come in. Apply to become an SME volunteer today!

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What drives great research? Even better data! Your participation in surveys is what helps IFMA provide the most in-depth, reliable, peer-reviewed studies. Complete surveys to identify, anticipate and analyze the most pressing issues, and provide this essential resource for FMs around the world who are driven to meet and exceed industry standards. As an added bonus, all those who complete the survey receive a copy of the final report for FREE! Explore our on-going surveys and participate in impacting the future of FM!

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Research & Benchmarking White Papers

Title Description
The Experts’ Assessment, Vol. 2 Future working environments and support functions toward 2030
Succession Planning in Facility Management Pilot Study and Road Map for the Future
Leading Digital Transformation in the Facilities Management Industry Insights from IFMA’s Executive Summit
Seeking Higher Ground Navigating the FM Industry’s Transformation
Europe Operations & Maintenance Benchmarks No. 1 Sustainability Programs and Initiatives
Europe Operations & Maintenance Benchmarks No. 2 Concierge Services & Contract Management Practices
Europe Operations & Maintenance Benchmarks No. 3 Maintenance Costs & Facility Soft Services Practices

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