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Core Values

Core Values

IFMA pledges to live the following core values through its role and responsibilities to stakeholders:


We believe that working together toward a common goal is essential to the success of the association.


We encourage open and frequent dialogue among IFMA staff and the facility management community focused on active listening and earnest response.


IFMA staff members are not only guided by the strategy and values, but are also guided by their own conscience and adhere to a disciplined set of personal principles.    


We recognize the importance of excellence in ourselves and to the association. We develop and deliver information, products and services to standards of the highest quality.


We encourage innovation to improve all the ways in which the association pursues its mission. 


We uphold honesty, ethical practices and environmental responsibility in our involvement with staff, facility management practitioners, business partners, and facility and industry issues.

Knowledge Sharing

We encourage knowledge sharing as a result of our belief that all of us are smarter and more productive than any one of us.


We inspire each other to achieve and grow through a shared vision and passion to excel.

Professional Development

We support the development of our people, association and profession through positive relationships, dynamic synergies and innovative growth opportunities.


We recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our people, the association's greatest asset.


We understand that we are stewards of the facility management profession and the resources entrusted to the association by its members.