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The IFMA Fellows program was established by the International Facility Management Association in 1992 to recognize distinguished members with achievements and dedication to IFMA and the facility management profession.

IFMA Fellows form an elite core of respected leaders, advisors and ambassadors who are frequently called upon for their unmatched knowledge of the facility management profession. Collectively the Fellows represent the most esteemed facility management professionals, distinguished authors, prolific academicians and leading facility management visionaries.

The first class of Fellows includes founders of the association and the IFMA Foundation, early IFMA leaders, facility management researchers who defined the profession, luminaries, authors, industry giants and a prominent journalist/publisher. Subsequent classes of Fellows have been equally diverse and significant. Being named an IFMA Fellow is the highest honor bestowed by the association. Because IFMA is the world's largest network of facility management professionals and the recognized industry leader, the title IFMA Fellow is unparalleled and unmatched among workplace-related recognitions.

The cumulative impact the body of IFMA Fellows has on the profession and the association is immeasurable. The talent and contribution of IFMA Fellows is diverse and extraordinary. No single activity advances an individual to being named an IFMA Fellow; some individual accomplishments include:

  • Outstanding leadership and service to a chapter, council, committee, community, task force or IFMA’s Board of Directors or the IFMA Foundation Board of Trustees.
  • Contribution to important IFMA and industry initiatives such as the Certified Facility Manager, Facility Management Professional and/or Sustainability Facility Manager credential(s) and Accredited Degree Programs.
  • Authorship of facility management related articles or books for trade, national, or international publications.
  • Recognition by trade or business press thus leveraging the opportunity to advance the profession or further increase awareness of the association.
  • Establishment of a medium or publication for sharing facility management knowledge.
  • Development of facility management related continuing education materials, promotion of facility management education, and/or service as an instructor for facility management related programs on a college or university level.
  • Qualification as an IFMA instructor in education programs and courses.
  • Creation of ground-breaking facility management research.
  • Development or establishment of alliances or ongoing relationships between IFMA and other facility management related professional organizations worldwide.
  • Formation and support of IFMA components using complementary personal/company resources.
  • Service in leadership roles within other facility management related associations.
  • Mentoring students or young facility management professionals.
  • Expansion of recognition, and influence of the facility management profession through personal facility management related achievements or recognition, such as recognition by his/her employer or customers for outstanding work.

As of the naming of the class of 2021, IFMA has recognized 127 IFMA Fellows.  Of these, the 2021 IFMA Fellows Jury confirmed Emeritus status for 40 IFMA Fellows. Fellows who have passed away or are no longer active (usually due to illness or retirement), were honored with the title of IFMA Fellow Emeritus. This new title was approved by IFMA’s board of directors in 2021 and removes them from being counted in the 0.5 percent but continues to recognize and honor their service to IFMA and the profession.

Fellows are added each year if the IFMA Jury of Fellows identifies qualified, distinguished candidates. You may view photos of each Class of IFMA Fellows through the hyperlink for each class listed to the right.

An IFMA Fellows Nominating Committee consisting of Fellows is charged each year to identify qualified individuals and aids those who wish to nominate a member. Self-nominations are not permitted.  Members of the IFMA Fellows Nominating Committee are available to assist those wishing to nominate a member to this elite core of respected professionals.

Nominations are submitted to the Jury of Fellows which is selected each year by the entire body of Fellows and consists of three IFMA Fellows, joined by the IFMA Chair and the President/CEO of IFMA. The Jury of Fellows utilizes a standardized evaluation methodology to determine results and ensure fairness and uniformity.

A Nomination Data Form is required and allows nominators to provide information about the nominee in three primary areas: Professional Experience & Accomplishments; Association Involvement; and Enriching the Profession. Secondary but no less important is the overall contribution the nominee has made in the past combined with the potential of the nominee to be an ambassador of the association and profession into the future. A Sample Nomination Data Form is available at the link below.

The nominator is expected to provide a quality, well-written submission targeted at an executive level audience.  The submission must include appropriately detailed information regarding the nominee’s degrees and certifications, work history, identification of significant facilities-related work accomplishments, leadership and major contributions to the profession. Information about the nominee’s publication history, teaching and public speaking experience and IFMA involvement must be included.  Participation and leadership at any level within IFMA as well as service/leadership to other facility management related societies and associations may be listed. Special recognition and significant awards or honors bestowed by IFMA and/or other organizations are a plus.

The submittal package, in addition to the Nomination Data Form, must include an introductory letter written by the nominator and three one-page letters of testimony by IFMA members in good standing who know the nominee well, have first-hand knowledge of his/her achievements, and can add to the content of the Nomination Data Form without repeating information about the nominee. 

Download ​the ​sample ​nomination data form »

If you would like to nominate an individual for the title of IFMA Fellow, please send an email to Fellows@IFMA.org and request a nomination data form.  The IFMA Fellow Staff Liaison will verify the nominator (current active member) and nominee’s status and tenure (eight years of membership and service) of membership and will, if both meet the requirements, send the official Nomination Data Form to the nominator and inform the IFMA Fellows Nominating Committee of the possible nomination.

For additional information regarding IFMA Fellows contact:
Linda Pate
800 Gessner Road, Suite 725
Houston, Texas USA 77024 


  IFMA Fellows Class of 2022

Class of 2022 Michel Theriault, FMP, RPA, LEED AP, IFMA Fellow
Lesley Groff, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Tony Khoo, CFM, FMP, IFMA Fellow
Lynn Baez, CFM, SFP, FMP, CBCP, IFMA Fellow
Class of 2021 Trudy Blight, CFM, FMP, SFP, BID, PIDIM, PMP, IFMA Fellow
Steven Ee, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Erik Jaspers, IFMA Fellow
Darin Rose, CFM, SFP, GGP, CRFP, IFMA Fellow
Lena Thompson, FMP, SFP, IFMA Fellow
Graham Tier, FMP, CFM, MRICS, PMP, IFMA Fellow
Class of 2020 Diane Coles Levine, MCR, IFMA Fellow
Geoff Williams, CFM, FMP, SFP, IFMA Fellow
Kenneth FOO Yew Hoong, Beng (Hons), GDipM, IFMA Fellow
Valerian Moraes, CFM, MBA, Assoc. RICS, IFMA Fellow
Class of 2019 Johnny Vinken, M. Eng., CFM, FMP, SFP, CET, CRSP, CEM, IFMA Fellow
Michael Ross Riseborough, RPA, FMA, AAE, FMP, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Ted Ritter, CBD, PMP, LEED AP, IFMA Fellow
Class of 2018 Stephen Ballesty, CFM, MBA, FRICS, FAIQS, ICECA, CQS, IFMA Fellow
Jeffrey Jie-Li Budimulia, CFM, MBA, IFMA Fellow
Paul Doherty, R.A., CDT, IFMA Fellow
Joachim W. Hohmann, CFM, M.Sc., Ph.D., IFMA Fellow
Class of 2017 Collins Osayamwen, CFM, FMP, IFMA Fellow
Rick Corea, IFMA Fellow
James P. Whittaker, P.E., CFM, CEFP, FRICS, IFMA Fellow
Class of 2016 David (Dave) Wilson, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Jon Seller, IFMA Fellow
Stephen Ola Jagun, CFM, FRICS, FNIVS, IFMA Fellow
Peter Ankerstjerne, MBA, COP, FRICS, IFMA Fellow
Class of 2015 Howard K. "Buck" Fisher, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Marc S. Liciardello, CFM, MBA, CM, IFMA Fellow
Steve Lockwood, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Class of 2014 Alana F. Dunoff, FMP, IFMA Fellow
John McGee, IFMA Fellow
Melissa Van Hagan, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Class of 2013 Francis J. Kuhn, CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow
Thomas L. Mitchell, Jr., CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow
Curtis L. Slife, CFM, NCARB, AIA, IFMA Fellow
Ondrej Strup, IFMA Fellow
Class of 2012

Prof. (FH) Dr. Thomas Madritsch, IFMA Fellow
Pat Turnbull, MA, LEED AP®, IFMA Fellow
Dean T. Kashiwagi, PhD, PE, Professor, IFMA Fellow
Helena Ohlsson, IFMA Fellow, CFM, MScArch, IFMA Fellow

Class of 2011

Alex K. Lam, MRAIC, IFMA Fellow
Mark R. Sekula, CFM, LEED AP®, IFMA Fellow
Peter M. Winters, CFM, CFMJ, FAIA, IFMA Fellow

Class of 2010

Gary P. Broersma, CFM, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Charles N. Claar, P.E., CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Patrick Okamura, CFM, CCS, CIAQM, LEED AP®, IFMA Fellow

Class of 2009

Oscar K. C. Chan, Ph.D., MA, CFM, CFMJ, FPFM, MCILT, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Andy Fuhrman, ICBO, IFMA Fellow
John E. (Jack) Grinnalds, CFM, AIA, IFMA Fellow
Teena G. Shouse, CFM, IFMA Fellow

Class of 2008

Bruce Kenneth Forbes, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Jon Eldon Martens, CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow
W. Kirtley (Kirt) Miller Jr., CFM, IFMA Fellow
Michael K. Schley, IFMA Fellow

Class of 2007

William T. Conley, CFM, CFMJ, LEED® AP, IFMA Fellow
Diane H. MacKnight, CFM, FRICS, IFMA Fellow
Kathy O. Roper, CFM, CFMJ, MCR, LEED® AP, IFMA Fellow
Sheila Sheridan, CFM, CPM, LEED® AP, IFMA Fellow

Class of 2006

John M. Carrillo, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Sharon B. Harrington, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Ira A. Marcus, CFM, IFMA Fellow 
Richard D. Pierce, CFM, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Albert MM Pilger, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Cheryl Waybright, CFM, CFMJ, MCR, FMA, RPA, RID, IFMA Fellow

Class of 2005

Jeffrey L. Campbell, Ph.D., IFMA Fellow
Christopher P. Hodges, P.E., CFM, IFMA Fellow
Guy Thatcher, CMC, IFMA Fellow
Meredith Thatcher, CFM, LEED® AP, IFMA Fellow
Frederick P. Weiss, CFM, IFMA Fellow

Class of 2004

Lanny I. Felder, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Jaan Meri, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Philip N. Roberts, RIBA, AAIA, IFMA Fellow

Class of 2003

Dr. Doug Aldrich, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Joanne M. Anderson, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Jennifer A. Corbett-Shramo, IFMA Fellow
Richard Fanelli, CFM, AIA, IFMA Fellow
Patricia J. Harris, CFM, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Glin W. Jay, CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Barry Lynch, CFM, NCARB, IFMA Fellow
Andrew McCready, CFM, ACP, IFMA Fellow
John L. Stanley, CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow
Eric Teicholz, IFMA Fellow

Class of 2002

Richard B. Cooper Jr., CFM, IFMA Fellow
Ted Eedson, IFMA Fellow
John D. Gilleard, Ph.D., IFMA Fellow
Michael L. Hoots, PE, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Philip Lo, IFMA Fellow
James E. Loesch, PE, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Peggy A. McCarthy, CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow
Phyllis J. Meng, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Ken Owens, CFM, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Rodney M. Stevens, CFM, AIA, IFMA Fellow
Kit Tuveson, CFM, IFMA Fellow (deceased)

Class of 2001

G. Philip Booker, CFM, IFMA Fellow
James C. Elledge, IFMA Fellow
Subodh A. Kumar, CFM, IFMA Fellow

Class of 2000

Mary D. Gauer, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Walther Moslener, CFM, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Arvid B. Stonkus, IFMA Fellow
Carroll Thatcher, CFM, IFMA Fellow

Class of 1999

Gerald Davis, CFM, AIA, ASTM, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Stormy Friday, IFMA Fellow
Gerald V. Hinchman, PE, CFM, IFMA Fellow

Class of 1998

William L. Gregory, PE, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Art Horton, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Nancy J. Sanquist, IFMA Fellow
Bernard J. van der Hoeven, Ph.D., IFMA Fellow

Class of 1997

Keith Alexander, IFMA Fellow
Peter S. Kimmel, IFMA Fellow
William R. Sims, CFM, IFMA Fellow

Class of 1996

Samuel E. Johnson, CFM, IFMA Fellow (deceased) 
Maury Keiser, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Sydney B. Welch, IFMA Fellow

Class of 1995

William W. Back, CFM, LEED® AP, IFMA Fellow
Arthur Hahn, CFM, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Christine H. (Neldon) Tobin, CFM, CFMJ, IFMA Fellow

Class of 1994

Carol E. Farren, CFM, CMC, IFMA Fellow
Robert J. Gross, IFMA Fellow
George T. Trayer, IFMA Fellow (deceased)

Class of 1993

Gerald M. Hubbard, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Earnie C. Leake, MBA, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Erik C. Lund, IFMA Fellow (deceased)

Class of 1992

David L. Armstrong, IFMA Fellow
James W. Chambers, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
David G. Cotts, PE, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Anne Fallucchi, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
George W. Graves, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
James M. Hickey, CFM, IFMA Fellow (deceased)
Edmond P. Rondeau, CFM, AIA, IFMA Fellow

IFMA Fellow Emeritus

The inaugural list of those named as IFMA Fellow Emeritus includes all deceased IFMA Fellows, as well as those who voluntarily submitted their intention to be designated with this esteemed title.

Keith Alexander, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
David L. Armstrong, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
William W. Back, Jr., LEED AP, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Gary P. Broersma*, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
James W. Chambers*, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Oscar K.C. Chan*, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Charles N. Claar*, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
David G. Cotts, P.E., CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Gerald Davis*, CFM, AIA, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Ted Eedson, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
James C. Elledge, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Anne Fallucchi*, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Lanny Felder, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Bruce K. Forbes*, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Andy Fuhrman, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
George W. Graves*, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Robert J. Gross, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Arthur P. Hahn*, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Patricia J. Harris*, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
James M. Hickey*, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Michael L. Hoots, P.E., IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Glin W. Jay, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Samuel E. Johnson*, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Maury Keiser, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Francis J. Kuhn, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Earnie C. Leake, CFM, MBA, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Erik C. Lund*, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Ira A. Marcus, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Jaan Meri, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Walther Moslener*, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Ken Owens*, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Richard D. Pierce*, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Philip Roberts, RIBA, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
John L. Stanley, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Carroll Thatcher, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Guy Thatcher, FMP, CMC, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
George T. Trayer*, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Kit A. Tuveson*, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Bernard J. Van Der Hoeven**, Ph.D., IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Frederick Weiss, CFM, IFMA Fellow Emeritus
Sydney B. Welch, IFMA Fellow Emeritus


**In Absentia

2022 Class of IFMA Fellows

Lesley Groff, CFM, IFMA Fellow
Lesley Groff’s impact as a leader is evident in her ability to inspire and empower, bringing out the best in people so they can bring their best to work; in her passion for mentoring and teaching, helping students and colleagues believe in themselves; in her dedication to IFMA, with 25 years of volunteer service; and in her career, leading through change and rebuilding organizations by empowering individuals to form a more cohesive team. Contributing to the association at the international level, she served on IFMA’s 2011-13 Global Board of Directors, involved in both strategic planning and operational issues; and she served as an IFMA Credentials Committee member, an FMP® Scheme Committee member, an IFMA Emerging Leaders Committee member and an IFMA CFM® Qualified Instructor. Groff served on the advisory board of the Community College of Philadelphia Associates Program in Facilities Management, providing industry perspective to the department chair and professors, and meeting with students to talk about the viability of a career in facility management. She worked with Thaddeaus Stevens College to create their Facilities Technician Program, bringing together industry experts to build the program’s curriculum; and she worked with the IFMA Foundation Accredited Degree Program and Harrisburg Community College to explore the viability of an FM Associates degree program.

Lynn Baez, CFM, SFP, FMP, CBCP, IFMA Fellow
Dedicated to the causes of others, Lynn Baez is driven to continuously improve the world around her, no matter the time and energy needed. She is an inspiration to women in the facility management profession and within the Latinx community, encouraging them to succeed, flourish and recognize their own worth. Globally recognized as a subject matter expert on FM organizational development and integrated work management systems, Baez was twice sought out by the U.S. Pentagon to assist in transforming the organization into one of resilience. Among her many contributions to IFMA, she has cultivated growth in Latin America and elevated IFMA’s presence in Washington, D.C., USA, and the European Union as global chair of IFMA’s International Government Affairs Committee. She served as the second vice chair of IFMA’s 2017-18 Global Board of Directors, as well as global chair of IFMA’s Finance Committee, a member of IFMA’s Strategic Plan Oversight Committee, chair of the Governance Committee, a member of the Global Organization Strategy Task Force, a member of the Young Professional Task Force and a member of the Sustainability Advisory Group. Baez has been honored with awards for social responsibility and environmental commitment.

Michel Theriault, FMP, LEED AP, IFMA Fellow
Michel Theriault has dedicated his career to leading and elevating facility management through content creation, education, advocacy and as a participating member of ISO – Canada TC/267 Mirror Committee, reviewing, commenting and voting on ongoing work for FM standards, as well as an active member of the ISO 41018 (performance management in FM) working group. In addition to receiving IFMA’s 2010 Distinguished Author Award for his book, “Managing Facilities & Real Estate,” he has written more than 40 articles for industry publications in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, UAE and Hong Kong, focusing on helping FMs go beyond technical skills to succeed, garner attention and be influential within their organizations. Theriault has delivered more than 55 training sessions globally, primarily in emerging regions, such as the inaugural delivery of IFMA’s FMP® in Nigeria and the five-day FMP course, which he pioneered and introduced to Leoron Professional Development Institute, now a major provider of IFMA training in the Middle East. As academic coordinator of the Facility & Property Management certificate program from Toronto Metropolitan University, he redeveloped the program to focus on FMs as business leaders. He served as the organizer and director of the most successful Education Day conference for IFMA’s Toronto Chapter, enabling a partnership between the chapter and an FM publication to develop future events.

Tony Khoo, CFM, FMP, MBA, IFMA Fellow
Recognizing the immense potential and opportunities for facility management, especially in light of advanced building technologies coupled with the rapid rise of urbanization, Tony Khoo became an advocate for FM industry transformation, raising awareness among developers and building owners of FM’s importance. A champion for lifelong learning, he is an IFMA Qualified Instructor for the FMP®, and as the author of “Township Management in Singapore – Sharing Professional Practices,” he has raised the standard of training in local institutions of higher learning, providing insights into the success formula for managing one of the most successful public housing projects in the world. He has provided industry guidance on curricula for the National University of Singapore, Singapore University of Social Science, and Temasek Polytechnic – School of Engineering; and an advisory committee member for the Facility Management Diploma course, Singapore Polytechnic – School of Design & Engineering. Khoo served as a member of IFMA’s Asia Advisory Board, and has served on numerous committees within the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore, providing insights from the FM perspective and representing the interests of FM. As president of the Singapore Chapter of IFMA since 2014, he has organized conferences and networking platforms for practitioners, working closely with the Singapore government to drive industry transformation, growing the number of individual memberships in the last two years; and under the auspices of the Singapore government, launched a local accreditation for FM companies and individuals that is now a prerequisite for companies vying for government FM contracts.