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CFM Exam Updated Based on the Most Recent GJTA

Jul 24, 2018

Updated CFM Exam Available August 6, 2018

The Certified Facility Manager® (CFM®) certification exam, including the list of competencies and how each topic is weighted, is based on a Global Job Task Analysis (GJTA) conducted every three to seven years.

The most recent GJTA determined the need for some updates to the exam specification outline. The revised CFM Exam will be available beginning Aug. 6, following a brief testing blackout period beginning Sunday, July 29.

 Although many CFM Connect readers are already CFM Exam holders who have already taken the CFM Exam, this news is relevant to those who support IFMA and the CFM through training, mentoring and discussing the CFM with other FMs.

View the revised exam specification outline »

To help you understand what’s changing and what this means for you, we’ve compiled a frequently asked questions document.

2018 CFM Exam FAQs

Questions? Contact credentials@ifma.org