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Letter of Support for New IFMA Mission and Vision Statements

Apr 23, 2021

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The most recent impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated change, which is a constant in facility management, so that FMs must manage far differently from even the most recent past.  To keep in step with these changes in service to their customers, IFMA, too, has adapted its focus on the profession to better deliver the necessary resources for members to succeed.

IFMA’s Global Board of Directors took a hard look at the association’s Vision and Mission statements to ensure that they reflected the needs and expectations of the membership and all professionals in the built environment.

The IFMA Fellows, along with other stakeholders, were proud to have been able to participate in assisting the board in redefining these precepts so that the association stays on the correct path to support facility management. The vision, to “Lead the future of the built environment to make the world a better place,” is an expansion of the implied role of IFMA being at the forefront of the profession. IFMA must be relevant now and in the future. IFMA Fellows are comprised of experienced FMs and FM consultants from around the globe, so the international aspect of IFMA is always part of their agenda. Thus, it was invigorating to witness the documentation of the intention to make the world a better place.

With the long-term tenures of the Fellows, they have contacted leaders in many industries.  IFMA’s new mission statement recognizes these relationships and has become more inclusive. It states, “We advance our collective knowledge, value and growth for facility management professionals to perform at the highest level.” This impacts a broad range of industries beyond facility management, which bolsters the information available for reference and education. As a collective of professionals serving the built environment, these shared resources and experiences benefit everyone.

What facility managers have learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to influence how facilities develop. Constant updates, improvements and adaptations are part of the job.  New ways of working safely can provide opportunities that facility managers can embrace.  

More focus on employee well-being will continue, as will more use of technologies for remote and adaptable workplaces. Less travel and more virtual meetings have changed the productivity and operational outlook for many organizations, and this will also continue. Local regulation will remain important as localities differ in their needs and responses to change, not just from COVID-19, but also the economy and climate.  The global network of experienced practitioners, researchers and associates will ensure that going forward, the built environment and its operators will succeed in providing safe, healthy and engaging facilities. Through its new Vision and Mission, IFMA is positioning itself to lead the profession through such future events.

The IFMA Fellows applaud the forward thinking of the board and are looking forward to helping them usher in a new, broadened and more comprehensive approach to serving the professionals who support the built environment and working community.