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IFMA Seeks Volunteers to Help Sustain the CFM® as the Industry Standard in FM Certification

Apr 10, 2024

IFMA’s Certification Commission, responsible for the independent oversight, development and operation of IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager® (CFM®) program, is currently accepting nominations and applications to fill three open positions for Certification Commissioners. 

The commission is also responsible for the FM practice analysis process, certification exam development, defining the job role of facility management and determining the standards against which FM professionals will be measured. 

Those interested in serving on IFMA’s Certification Commission for a three-year term, and who meet the following qualifications, are asked to complete the online application and submit a current resume and/or bio by Tuesday, April 30, 2024.   
Complete the application>> 

Active CFMs are encouraged to apply, as their first-hand experience with the process and outcomes of earning certification is of benefit to maintaining its value to the FM community. 

All applicants will be notified by July 31, 2024, regarding the status of appointments. 


Commissioners shall not be current members of the Certificate Commission (formerly known as the ICC) or Education Committee or instructors who were involved with education or training materials, until such time as the current exam is retired.  
Commissioners shall not be current members of other governing boards with competing interests. Commissioners may not concurrently serve on the IFMA’s Global Board of Directors with the exception of the chair’s position as the Certification Commission’s liaison to IFMA’s board. 
Certification Commission members must hold and maintain active IFMA membership throughout their terms of service on the commission. 

Commissioners shall be appointed from a variety of stakeholder groups. The organizational structure of the Certification Commission shall enable participation and input from stakeholders and interested parties without permitting any one interest to predominate or receive favor. Stakeholder groups include facility managers working in: 

  • International locations 
  • Large/small organizations 
  • Public/private organizations 
  • Urban/rural areas 

Certification Commission members should represent as diverse a group as possible including representation by facility managers with: 

  • Military experience 
  • Varied educational backgrounds, (i.e., engineering, architecture, business) 
  • Varied facility types, (i.e., hospitals, stadiums, banks, commercial, retail, academic) 
  • Experience in varied geographic areas/regions