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IFMA Releases 2nd Report on Women in FM

Mar 18, 2024

On March 5, IFMA released a white paper on factors impacting retention and advancement of women in facility management. The report brings to light the underrepresentation of women in senior FM roles and emphasizes the need to address the high turnover rate among women in the industry. By uncovering the barriers women face in FM, the report aims to assist in the recruitment and retention of women through targeted strategies such as mentorship.

Amid rising demand for skilled professionals, empowering women to excel and advance in facility management is vital to the growth and sustainability of both the industry and organizations worldwide. Diversifying the FM workforce brings fresh perspectives to the workplace, which fosters innovation and financial success.

“Our industry is being revitalized by a more diverse and inclusive workforce, adding unique viewpoints and new approaches to corporate culture, health and safety, smart and responsible workplaces, and meaningful and rewarding work,” said IFMA President and CEO Don Gilpin.

This is the second IFMA report published in recognition of International Women’s Day. Last year’s “Women in FM: A Global Salary and Compensation Supplementary Report” was the most comprehensive and detailed analysis on the state of women in facility management. It was the first report of its kind for the FM industry, finding that women seeking employment are obtaining FM jobs much faster than men at every job level.

“Factors Impacting Retention and Advancement of Women in Facility Management” is available for download in IFMA’s Knowledge Library, the largest online collection of facility management content. Library access is free to full IFMA members.

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