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Building Cyber Security (BCS) Partners With IFMA to Offer Members Cyber Protections

Aug 21, 2023

Through This Partnership, FMs Have Access to Leading Industry Standards & Capabilities Designed to Protect Tenants and Facilities From Cyber Threats

Building Cyber Security (BCS), a non-profit organization enhancing global safety through the development of cybersecurity protections for intelligent buildings and communities, has partnered with IFMA to offer members resources, training and tools to mitigate cyber risk in facility operations.

As buildings become smarter and more connected, the risk grows that a cyberattack to building systems can result in the shutdown of a facility, threatening occupant safety/property damage, and leading to tenant claims for business disruption. To protect against these threats and the increasing liability, facility management (FM) professionals must have resources and industry best practices available to assess vulnerabilities and protect information (IT) and operations technologies (OT) systems.

Through this partnership, facility managers needing to protect their own technologies, as well as client building systems and tenant safety, now have access to leading industry standards and capabilities designed specifically for the protection of tenants and facilities in the commercial real estate ecosystem.

The legacy approach to building safety and security must be updated to account for the sophistication and impact of cyber threats. In today’s interconnected world, physical security and cybersecurity in the built environment are inextricably linked. Experts from all disciplines must come together to create a comprehensive and coordinated approach to safety. IFMA’s collaboration with BCS will offer FMs the tools and training to better communicate, coordinate and collaborate with IT and OT cybersecurity professionals for a safer, efficient and more sustainable built environment.

“Integrating physical and cyber security procedures has risen in criticality. Whether leading or supporting these efforts, facility management professionals are integral to ensuring the safety of people and organizational assets. By partnering with Building Cyber Security, we can provide crucial information and upskilling on cybersecurity technology, processes and BCS' cyber-physical framework to our members,” said IFMA President and CEO Don Gilpin.

“We look forward to helping members prepare their organizations so their buildings and inhabitants will be safe today and in the future,” BCS CEO Lucian Niemeyer added. “The widespread adoption of smart buildings and PropTech, aimed at enhancing both operating efficiencies and tenant experiences in commercial properties, also raises fresh cybersecurity challenges and hazards for property owners, asset operators and CEOs that can rapidly devalue an asset. Our BCS team has pioneered an easy-to-use performance framework, based on universally accepted industry benchmarks, for facility managers to recognize and evaluate cyber risks in building systems and technology. We also offer facility assessment and certifications to mitigate risk from cyber threats. We are thrilled to partner with IFMA to share our expertise and services with facility managers globally. As the voice of the FM industry, IFMA is an influential partner in advancing cyber-physical security and safety in an increasingly connected world. Together, we can offer FMs the knowledge and tools to address cyber risk and make life- and asset-saving decisions.”

About Building Cyber Security

Building Cyber Security (BCS) is a private sector non-profit organization of asset stakeholders, technology companies, industry associations and insurers developing and administering a proactive and holistic framework and certification process with market-based options to improve the cyber-physical security and safety of property and citizens in an increasingly connected world. Focused on promoting the adoption of technology, processes and training to reduce cyber risk to connected technologies, BCS is the first-ever non-profit whose sole purpose is to reduce the risk to human safety from nation-states and criminals attacking the technology we rely on for existence and essential services. For more information, visit BCS.org and follow us on LinkedIn.