Bylaws - Article I



Section 1.

  1. Qualifications. IFMA membership shall consist of individuals who support the vision, mission, credo, goals, core values and Code of Ethics of the association. IFMA members shall be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. Classification(s). There shall be eight classifications of membership: professional members, associate members, retired members, Fellow members, student members, young professional members, educator-head of FM program members and limited members. The Board may adopt procedures implementing the membership classification process.
  3. Rights. Professional, associate, retired, Fellow and young professional members in good standing shall have the right to vote, hold office, serve as directors or delegates, serve on committees and/or task forces, participate in association activities and receive periodic information from the association. Subject to such limitations and qualifications as prescribed by these bylaws or the board of directors by adopted procedures, members may join association components and participate in its activities. Educator-head of FM programs and limited members cannot vote, hold office in the association or serve as a member of the board of directors. Student members cannot serve as officers of the association.

Section 2.
Professional Membership

Professional membership is open to all facility professionals and instructors whose primary responsibilities are to provide, oversee or teach one (or more) facility management core competency(ies).

Section 3.
Associate Member

Associate membership is open to individuals whose primary responsibilities include: business development; sales and/or marketing as a consultant; representation of a manufacturer, vendor, dealer, distributor; and/or providing facility-related products and services.

Section 4.
Retired Member

Retired membership is open to professional and associate members in good standing upon their permanent retirement from full-time employment in a position qualified for professional or associate membership.

Section 5.
Fellow Member

Fellow membership is open to individuals who have been bestowed the title of IFMA Fellow and who, as a result, are exempt from annual dues.

Section 6.
Student Member

Student membership is open to individuals who are engaged in full-time study at an accredited college or university.

Section 7.
Young Professional Member

Young professional membership is open to IFMA members that are 35 years of age or younger.

Section 8.
Educator-Head of FM Program Member

Educator-head of FM program membership is open to individuals who are in a leadership role at an accredited college or university. In support of their work in advancing the profession, Educator-head of FM program members are exempt from dues.

Section 9.
Limited Member

Limited membership is open to individuals in special situations as defined and allowed by the Board of Directors. Limited members will have access to limited benefits. Limited membership shall apply to situations such as, but not limited to, members joining IFMA components from other organizations from which IFMA has a Memorandum of Understanding allowing activity such as joining certain components of the association, etc. Limited members cannot vote, hold office or serve as a Director of the association unless specifically allowed by the Board of Directors.

Section 10.
Limitation of Rights and Privileges

Such rights and privileges of membership shall not include use of association resources, the association's name or intellectual property, or the association's membership directories for the direct promotion of products or services unless approved by IFMA Service Center of Excellence.

Section 11.
Application for Membership

All applicants for membership shall complete an application and submit it with requisite dues as determined by Article II of these Bylaws.

Section 12.
Acceptance for Membership

Upon approval and classification by IFMA Service Center of Excellence staff, the applicant shall be deemed a member of the association. The President and Chief Executive Officer may reject a membership application for cause, subject to review by the Executive Committee. In the event of rejection, the application and payment shall be returned to the applicant.

Section 13.

Membership shall be based on an annual term, renewable indefinitely and subject to reclassification, upon payment of dues as set by the Board of Directors in accordance with these Bylaws. All membership terms are approved by the Board of Directors.

Section 14.

If a member changes position or occupation and no longer qualifies for membership in the member's current classification, the member shall promptly notify IFMA Service Center of Excellence for reclassification. Subject to procedures adopted by the Board, IFMA Service Center of Excellence may, on a pro rata basis, make additional assessment for dues or a partial refund of dues based on the new membership class.

Section 15.

A resigning member is not entitled to a pro rata refund of dues, fees or charges paid previously.

Section 16.

Members may be disciplined for cause by the Executive Committee, subject to the review of the Board of Directors, after notice of the charges against the member and an opportunity to present a defense. Members only may be expelled by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee or a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.


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