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Research, Benchmarks & Surveys

Whether the focus is on industry averages, benchmarking statistics or the latest workplace trends, IFMA is an information leader for the FM profession.

From industry surveys to forecasting to benchmarking reports, IFMA's research draws on the practices and opinions of FM professionals and educators, covering topics vital to the day-to-day operations of facility professionals and the built environment in general.


IFMA’s Research Application

The purpose of designing an IFMA research application is to be transparent to all participants (IFMA members, underwriters, sponsors and others alike). This process is built upon years of structured university research processes, models and targeted outcomes.

This document guides applicants through the process — from what information needs to occupy each section, whom to contact should you need assistance and more — and is a culmination of multiple efforts within IFMA to support the research application process.

The research application includes 11 sections: abstract, business need, business objectives, critical factors, existing research, timeline, references, funding type, budget, personnel and acronyms. These sections include discussion and planning around multiple areas which each application will be evaluated. If all sections are not completed, this could result in the submission being disqualified.

Nickalos (Nick) A. Rocha, MPA
Director of Benchmarking