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New CFM and RCM Benefit: Digital Badges

Feb 04, 2019

 IFMA's Certified Facility Manager® (CFM®) Digital Badge Image     IFMA's Retired Certified Facility Manager® (RCFM®) Digital Badge Image


As a CFM, or retired CFM, you’ve demonstrated one of the the highest levels of achievement in FM. Now, as an added benefit, we’re launching a new way for you to showcase your accomplishment: digital badges.

How badges work
The digital badge is a web-enabled, shareable and verifiable version of your CFM or RCFM. The badge graphic links to a web page detailing the skills and requirements it took to earn your certification, as well as the date earned and term of validity.

We’ve partnered with Credly, a digital badging company, to provide this service through their platform, Acclaim. There is no fee and you maintain full control of your online preferences and profile.

You’ll be able to manage your CFM  or RCFM badge through Acclaim to:

• Share your certification online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be easily verified in real time
• Convey underlying skills and qualifications quickly and clearly
• Maximize your visibility and differentiation in the job market by sharing via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email or your website
• Gain instant, secure credential verification

Look for an email notification from Acclaim starting in February with instructions for claiming your free badge. In the meantime, visit our FAQ page or www.youracclaim.com to learn more.

P.S. Have other IFMA credentials? Watch for additional badges to be rolled out soon.​