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FM Essentials is the perfect course for professionals just entering the industry or transitioning from a different career. The goal is to train future-proof facility managers who use strategic planning as their guide.

Learn the lingo of FM Project Management

Facility management is an in-depth industry with a lot of nuance. And, to newcomers, it can be a lot to take in and sometimes even seem a bit intimidating.

But it doesn't have to be. Strengthen your understanding of key concepts and fundamentals of facility management and refine your communication skills for success in the industry.

Understand key concepts of facility management

Learn tactical planning and daily FM tasks to support your organization.

Introduction to FM

The core concepts, terms and competencies that all facility professionals use in the workplace and day-to-day

Focus Area


Operations & Maintenance

Understanding building systems, maintenance practices and personell management are key to effective facility management

Focus Area


Workplace Management

Strong facility professionals have the skills to lead effectively, manage productivity, time and other resources to positively impact the triple bottom line

Focus Area


10 comprehensive modules to learn at your own pace.

The courses are broken up into three easy-to-follow workshops so you can learn at your own pace, on your own time. Get a solid intro and build your foundation. ​

Focus Area 1

Introduction to Facility Management

Topicsbasic functions | technical skills

Focus Area 2

Introduction to Operations & Maintenance

Topicsmaintenance tactics | facility expenses


The Basics of Building Systems

Topicssystem maintenance | interior | exterior


The Application of Technology

Topicsautomation | energy | IWMS


Implications of Health & Safety in Managing Buildings

Topicsrisk assessment | emergency response | building codes

Focus Area 3

Supervisory Roles in Facility Work Management

Topicscommunication | planning | productivity


Applying Work Management to Building Systems

Topicssystem inspection | KPIs | maintenance


Work Management Tools in Facility Management

Topicsproductivity | metrics | life cycle processes


Managing Contractors in Facility Management

Topicscontracts | proposals | quality


Managing and Tracking Customer Relations in Facility Management

Topicscustomer expectations | feedback


What others are saying about our training

  • Steve Weeks, FMP, CFM

    Manager, Captial Initiatives, Amsted Rail

    Since getting the FMP, I’ve gone from facility manager to being on the executive team for the company. Having the credential has really helped me be a good leader in my company and my salary has tripled.

  • Matthew Kuhlmeier, FMP, SFP

    Facilities & IT Director, Haematologic Technologies

    The SFP program as well as the FMP program have been very beneficial to my development by providing the knowledge and tools to enhance my workplace by providing creative and new ideas. These programs have also shown to my leadership the benefits by providing confidence and weight to the ideas brought before leadership.

  • Mary Gauer, CFM

    Founding Member of IFMA

    The CFM gave me a lot of confidence in myself, because I always perceived that I wasn’t smart enough or not good enough as other people were, women especially. So, for me, it was it made me feel really good and so I started to behave that way with other people.

  • Stewart Livsie, CFM, FMP

    Manager, Maintenance & Construction, The University of New Mexico

    The process of achieving both the FMP and CFM credentials has contributed significantly to my practice of the FM profession, and driven a desire to achieve true operational excellence.

  • Sarah Reiter, FMP

    Office Administrator; Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver

    I learned so many things that I can immediately take back to my organization. I kind of fell into being an FM without a lot of prior knowledge. I can now confidently return to my org with best practices and recommendations.

  • Estrella Martinez, FMP

    Facilities Operations Specialist, US Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims

    Because of getting my FMP, I was able to now create a list of what we were going to ask for in our contract, upcoming contract, when we renew. Without the FMP I wouldn’t have been able to know as far as some of the services amenities.

  • Geoff Williams, CFM, FMP, SFP, IFMA Fellow

    Director, Operations, Angus Consulting Management Limited

    I undertook becoming an IFMA Qualified Instructor because I am convinced of the value that IFMA credentials bring to the future leaders of our industry. I am proud to share my applied knowledge in teaching both the FMP and SFP courses!

  • Jan Cunningham, CFM

    Facilities Manager and Director; Waters & Kraus LLP

    It really made a difference in my job search. Now, I am taken more seriously. It’s like your CPA, only this is the facilities equivalent of a CPA.

  • Cynthia Smith

    Facility Manager; Bradshaw District at County of Sacramento Department of General Services

    I can represent any of the core competencies because of my experience in the training that I’ve gotten.

  • Mohammed Elageed

    Senior Facilities Manager

    As an FM leader, you have to be a lifelong learner through continuous training. Training isn’t an option anymore, it’s a must-have! It allows employees to acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones, boost productivity, and be future leaders.

  • Darlene Pope

    President Planon North America

    Planon has been fortunate to work closely with IFMA over the years to help real estate professionals and facility managers improve their businesses. We truly value our partnership and membership with IFMA as global leaders in the FM industry. Through IFMA educational events, tradeshows, and other networking programs, we’re able to not only provide thought leadership, but also solutions that contribute to the digitization of FM and help move the industry forward.

  • McKenzie Lautt

    Demand Generation Marketing Manager, Velosio

    Over the past year, our engagement with the IFMA community has been highly rewarding. Collaborative initiatives like webinars and contributions to the Wire have strengthened connections with facility managers, establishing a prominent industry presence. Exceptional support from the IFMA team has maximized our partnership's potential, yielding abundant success and fueling excitement for the future.

  • Liz Bardetti

    Global Marketing Operations, Schneider Electric

    IFMA is a fantastic community and resource for facility managers. As a Corporate Sustaining Partner, we have many unique and compelling opportunities to strengthen our relationship with facility managers in an environment they know and trust. The IFMA partnership team is a valued extension of our team and consistently overdelivers for us.

Take the first step in your learning journey

Get a foundational understanding of FM key concepts and skills to help you succeed.​



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Frequently Asked Questions

No, but full members are given discounted pricing.Learn how to become a full member today! (https://www.ifma.org/membership)

Each module takes about 2-4 hours to complete with a brief 10-question assessment at the end of each one. You can complete them at your own pace.

You will have access for 6 months (180 days) and can complete the modules in any order you prefer.

No! The Essentials of Facility Management bundle is designed for you to fill in your knowledge gaps. For those seeking the strongest foundation in FM, we do recommend that you complete all 10 modules.

Although the workshop series is a convenient and affordable way to become acquainted with the FM profession, it is not a credential or certification and carries no designation or post-nominal letters. If you complete all 10 modules in the series, you will receive an electronic certificate of completion.

Yes, we do offer corporate and group training. Special pricing applies for groups of 2 or more individuals. Contact us atcorporateconnections@ifma.orgto learn more.

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