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IFMA Chair Citation Recipients Honored at Facility Fusion 2022 Conference and Expo

Apr 26, 2022

Three outstanding individuals recognized for their years of commitment and contributions to the association

IFMA is pleased to announce three recipients of the 2022 Board Chair Citation. Past IFMA Chair (2017-18) William (Bill) O’Neill, CFM, current board member Jos Duchamps, MSc. Eng., and IFMA staff member Linda Pate were presented with citations by IFMA Chair Peter Ankerstjerne, MBA, COP, IFMA Fellow at the opening general session of IFMA’s Facility Fusion 2022 Conference and Expo in Austin, Texas, USA.

IFMA’s Chair Citation recognizes those whose counsel, ingenuity and initiative have had a profound impact on IFMA and the FM profession. Presented annually by the current chair of IFMA’s Global Board of Directors, the citation is a way for the association to commend the often less public, yet no less important, work of outstanding individuals.

“Our community has a legacy of sustained progress, made possible by the commitment and contributions of so many. Some are well-known; while others dedicate years of significant behind-the-scenes service to IFMA,” said Ankerstjerne.

As 2017-18 IFMA Chair, Bill O’Neill led substantial change to realign resources, balance and support IFMA staff, and ensure members have a stronger voice in IFMA’s future. He introduced initiatives to enhance IFMA’s value proposition for members and launched the self-assessing Appreciative Inquiry process, helping the association identify shared goals for the future and inform organizational strategy. Said Ankerstjerne, “Bill had the courage to make necessary changes in IFMA leadership and organizational structure. His initiatives are driving our activities to this day.”

IFMA board member and chair of the IFMA EMEA advisory board Jos Duchamps has played a key role in increasing recognition of FM and professionalizing IFMA’s approach in Europe. He worked with European chapter leaders, public policy partners, IFMA leaders and staff to create the framework necessary to establish and formalize IFMA EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). “IFMA is now in a much stronger position in the European region than ever before,” said Ankerstjerne. “Jos’ efforts to strengthen the connection between the FM industry and policy makers through awareness and influence has opened doors to new opportunities for EMEA-based FMs.”

Celebrating her 25th anniversary as a member of IFMA’s professional staff, Executive Administrative Services Officer Linda Pate has supported, advised and furthered initiatives by the board, the executive team, IFMA Fellows, coworkers, members and partners. With her incomparable knowledge of every aspect of the association, she lends insightful counsel, clear-sighted perspective, solid opinion and wise judgment to decision-makers, ambassadors and coworkers. “Linda is a walking encyclopedia of IFMA history. In addition to her years of exemplary service and dedication to IFMA, she has built and nurtured countless personal and professional relationships, serving as a mentor, consultant, champion and friend,” said Ankerstjerne.

Annual chair citations are normally presented at IFMA’s World Workplace® Conference and Expo; however, due to COVID-19-related travel issues in 2021, citations for O’Neill, Duchamps and Pate were postponed. Additional 2022 citations will be presented at this year’s World Workplace, held Sept. 28-30 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Learn more about the upcoming event at worldworkplace.ifma.org.