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2022 Class of IFMA Fellows Inducted at IFMA’s World Workplace® in Nashville, TN, USA

Sep 28, 2022

Joining Three Decades of Achievers, Four Distinguished IFMA Members Begin Their New Journey as Ambassadors for the Association

As part of the opening session at IFMA’s World Workplace® 2022 Conference and Expo in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, four outstanding IFMA members were officially inducted as the 2022 Class of IFMA Fellows. Bestowed with the association’s highest honor, this year’s inductees include Lynn Baez, CFM, SFP, FMP, CBCP, IFMA Fellow; Lesley Groff, CFM, IFMA Fellow; Tony Khoo, CFM, FMP, MBA, IFMA Fellow; and Michel Theriault, FMP, LEED AP, IFMA Fellow.

Chair of the 2022 Jury of Fellows Cheryl Waybright, MCR, CFM, IFMA Fellow introduced each inductee, congratulated on stage by the Chair of IFMA’s 2022-23 Global Board of Directors Laurie A. Gilmer, P.E., CFM, FMP, SFP, LEED AP.

“Those we honor today not only appreciate the infinite value of giving back to the profession that uplifted them and the association that supported and inspired them; but have done so not for personal gain, but for the opportunity to help advance the industry and turn passion into progress for IFMA,” said Waybright. “Today, four of our colleagues join three decades of achievers who carry forward the mission and goals of IFMA and begin their new journey as distinguished ambassadors for the association.”

IFMA’s Fellows Program was established in 1992 to recognize association members who have distinguished themselves by achievement in and around IFMA and the field of facility management (FM). IFMA Fellows form an elite core of respected leaders who advise and represent the association.

“Over the past 30 years, Fellows have directly contributed to IFMA’s growth and global influence, while also elevating FM’s profile and impact in organizations around the world,” said Gilmer.

Waybright quoted IFMA Fellow Christine (Neldon) Tobin, who is credited with establishing the Fellows Program and presented the first class of IFMA Fellows in 1992: “Becoming a Fellow is the beginning of service. Fellows are official ambassadors for both IFMA and our profession. What the nominee has done to date was simply to prepare the IFMA Fellow for what is to come and for what they will do next.”

Read about this year’s inductees at ifma.org/news/whats-new-at-ifma-new/ifma-announces-2022-class-of-ifma-fellows/.

For more information on the Fellows Program, visit ifma.org/about/leadership-staff/fellows/.

If you know an active IFMA member whose years of service, leadership or efforts on behalf of IFMA and FM deserve recognition, please send an email to Fellows@IFMA.org to request a nomination data form. Nominators must be IFMA members in good standing.