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​Content Expert Volunteering

review content. get Rewarded.

Reviewing Knowledge Library content is a tremendously rewarding experience. Not only do you get first access to new and engaging FM content, but you get to play a key role in helping to shape the FM knowledge landscape.

To become a Content Expert, fill out the short form below and we'll follow up with you if we have content review opportunities available.

Knowledge Library Volunteer Form

Things We Consider

We consider the following when selecting volunteers:

  • Global representation – We look for volunteers and subject matter experts from around the globe, aiming for at least 25% of volunteers outside of the United States. 
  • Expertise and competency – Our content experts should have knowledge and experience in one or multiple IFMA core competencies.
  • Licenses, certificates, or other FM related credentials
  • Earned degrees – Academic, trade and technical degrees will be considered.
  • Short-term training – Specialized non-degree training, workshops or seminars relating to FM.
  • Prior experiences – Supervisor, consultant, instructor or trainer

For any questions regarding becoming a Content Expert, please contact:

Chris Leake

Director of Content