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View all COVID-19 webinars hosted by IFMA on the COVID-19 Series channel. You can also find the recordings posted on our YouTube channel.



FM + COVID-19 #13: Day One Ready: Practical advice and myth busting for a confident reopening

This episode talks with experts from CBRE, ISSA, DFS Green and Mitie about common misconceptions and myths regarding facility reopening. You'll learn cleaning dos and don'ts, communication practices and other practical tips on how to reopen your facilities with confidence.
Speakers: ​Sue Thompson (Moderator), ​​​Wayne Whitzell, Dianna Steinbach, Luis Morejon, Kathleen Fontana

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FM + COVID-19 #12: Re-entry into the Workplace: How to enter, manage visitors and communicate changes

This episode talks with experts from OTIS, IBM and Procos Group on how to safely re-enter your facility, manage visitors and communicate safe practices and facility adjustments in a "new normal".
Speakers: ​​​Peter Ankerstjerne (Moderator), ​Amy Michel, ​Jos Duchamps, Federico GarciaParra


FM + COVID-19 #11: The Future Office - Designing to influence the safe, agile, vibrant workspace

Today, in the wake of the COVID-19 global crisis, we are poised to re-imagine behaviors, economies, and society.This episode explores what it takes to influence new safety considerations and help modify tenant behavior in the facility.
Speakers: ​​Ray Ehscheid (Moderator), Armen Vartanian, John Vazquez, Mary Lee Duff, Laura Guido-Clark


FM + COVID-19 #10: ​Pandemic Essentials Pt. 2 - ​The Road to Recovery

Part 2 of the interactive webinar series exploring the IFMA Foundation Pandemic Manual with global case study participants. In this episode we'll discuss the road to recovery and how to use resources in the Pandemic Manual to get back into your facilities and help tenants adjust to the "new normal".
Speakers: ​​Joe Archie (Moderator), ​Jenny Yeung, Dr. Steven Goldman, ​​Cathy Campbell

FM + COVID-19 #9: ​Pandemic Essentials - Leading the Way from Crisis to Safety

Businesses are hoping to re-open their doors to employees and customers, but their buildings must be safe before they can be occupied. This two-part interactive webinar series will include discussion with the IFMA Foundation Pandemic Manual author and  global case study participants. 
Speakers: ​​Joe Archie (Moderator), ​Jenny Yeung, Dr. Steven Goldman, ​Tony Piucci
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COVID-19 #8: ​How to Prepare for Relapses or Closures

Experts have described the hammer and dance,  adaptive triggering and other terms to describe a future cycle of occupying the workplace and sheltering in place based on triggers (i.e, increase in Covid cases) .  This will present a challenge for facilities managers as they open and close buildings, retain service providers and maintain buildings.
Speakers: ​Colette Temmink, Edward Wagoner, Lorri Rowlandson, Joe Du Bey, Darrell Smith

COVID-19 #7: Special Feature - Your Questions Answered in an Extended Q & A

​This episode takes some time to reconnect with past panelists and have them answer audience questions from the previous webinars. Topics include: working from home, managing productivity, space planning, disinfecting and cleaning strategies and more.
Speakers: Peter Ankerstjerne, Lucy Jeynes, Wayne Whitzell, Don Ricker
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COVID-19 #6: Re-Entering the Workplace - A Strategic Framework for Facility Managers

​This framework offers guidance to facility managers as they align their re-entry strategy to address, organizational needs, drivers, and risk management; restarting critical processes in order to safely return occupants to the facilities; and determining program requirements for FM services that will be necessary for the “new normal” as business operations adjust to working under ongoing pandemic conditions.
Speakers: Chris Hodges, David King, James Loesch, Casey Martin, Terence Horsman, Rick Willis
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COVID-19 #5: Returning to the Workplace

​Experts from Gensler and Ford provide practical, actionable advice on how to plan your return to the workplace and what tools and resources you can use to ​ensure a smooth transition for your tenants.
Speakers: Don Ricker, Jackie Shuk, John Jourden

COVID-19 #4: Remote Building Operations

A follow up to the popular Work from Home webinar hosted on April 1st. ​Listen as our expert panel reconvenes to answer audience questions and continue the discussion of remote working tips and challenges.
Speakers: Kate Lister, Lucy Jeynes, Dr. Anita Kamouri, Peter Ankerstjerne (Moderator)

COVID-19 #3: FM Challenges During the Pandemic - Town Hall

The third installment of the COVID-19 FM Series of Wednesday webinars hosted by IFMA. This episode discusses challenges and strategies on how to manage during the COVID-19 crisis.
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Working from Home Part 2: The New Global Reality

A follow up to the popular Work from Home webinar hosted on April 1st. ​Listen as our expert panel reconvenes to answer audience questions and continue the discussion of remote working tips and challenges.
Speakers: Kate Lister, Lucy Jeynes, Dr. Anita Kamouri, Peter Ankerstjerne (Moderator)

Work from Home: The New Global Reality

Listen to our panel of experts as they discuss the challenges of remote working and offer solutions on how to manage your facilities with a small staff during the COVID-19 crisis.
Speakers: Kate Lister, Lucy Jeyes, Dr. Anita Kamouri, Peter Ankerstjerne (Moderator)

Component Webinars

COVID-19 Disinfection Strategies

IFMA's Corporate Facilities Council presents. "What Every FM Should Know About COVID-19 - Lessons from the Front Line in the War Against Coronavirus."
​Published: March 27, 2020
Speakers: ​Wayne Whitzell

How to Build a Bio-Resilient Workplace Against COVID-19 - Hong Kong Chapter

Learn how to use simple measures such as humidity control to have a dramatic impact on the spread of viruses and the importance of IEQ monitoring
Date: March 12, 2020
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (HKT); 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. (CST)
Speakers: Raefer Wallis and Louie Cheng

Leading FM Conversations: Coronavirus Preparedness #1 ​- Hong Kong Chapter

  • How Autonomous Cleaning Robots Raise Hygiene Standards in Public Areas
  • The Impact of COVID-19 - Business Continuity Planning
  • Ryan Chan, Sales Director SoftBank Robotics Hong Kong
  • Patsy Li, Global Community Director | Executive Director, Korea, The Executive Centre
  • Sebastian Stiles, Senior Manager – Global Enterprise Solutions, The Executive Centre

Leading FM Conversations: Coronavirus Preparedness #2 ​- Hong Kong Chapter

  • Driving Advanced Asset Maintenance Strategies
  • Proactive IT – OT Cybersecurity Management for Building’s Digital Transformation
  • Karlin Wong, Service Marketing Engineer, Field Service Business, Schneider Electric Hong Kong
  • Alex C.K. Chan, Regional Segment Director, Commercial Real Estate & Smart Building Segments, Digital Energy – Energy Management Business, Schneider Electric

​Other Webinars & Videos

C& W Services Webinar: Recovery Readiness

The “Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide for Reopening your Workplace,” outlines some of the best thinking and practices that Cushman & Wakefield’s more than 53,000 professionals have compiled across the globe and also includes insights from key partners.

Can cobotics accelerate the recovery for facility management post-COVID-19?

This webcast explores how technology can impact and assist facility professionals in their recovery efforts as we return to our facilities and defines cobotics and how it can be leveraged.

Kimberly Clark Webinar: The Science of Hygienic Hand Drying

  1. Proper hand hygiene includes effective hand washing and hand drying
  2. Summarizing the science: paper towels are the most hygienic option for hand drying
  3. How Kimberly-Clark Professional can help your customers have a better restroom experience

Date: April 17, 2020
Times: 10:00 a.m. ET and 2:00 p.m. ET
Speakers: ​Peter Leahy, Stephanie Martin, Ph.D.