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Component Groups

With more than 23,000 IFMA members around the globe, finding the right connections might seem daunting. That’s why IFMA has focused groups ​that help you network based on what matters to you.

These groups, collectively called components, make it easier for you to connect with fellow members with whom you share common ground ― whether ​it’s by location, the industry or building type in which you practice, or a specific FM topic of interest.

Which component type is right for you?

  • Chapters help connect members in a given geographical area
  • Councils help connect members who practice FM in similar industry sectors or facility types
  • Communities help connect members who share an interest in a particular FM topic, regardless of location or industry

Current IFMA members — you can join a ​chapter, ​council or ​community by:

  • Logging into your My IFMA account.
  • Once logged in, click the “My Account” tab on the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • In the drop down menu, select  “Join additional groups".
  • Scroll down and select your desired component group and click “​Next.”

If you have any questions, contact our Member Services Team at or +1-713-623-4362.

Not an IFMA member yet? Become a member of IFMA to join a ​chapter, ​council or community.


The IFMA Alliance is a new partnership representing the pinnacle of the association's organizational relationships and denoting the closest ties between IFMA and other professional groups. The IFMA Alliance partnership links members of global facility-related organizations and former IFMA component groups with select IFMA member benefits directed at individual skill development. Members of IFMA Alliance organizations become "custom" members of IFMA and are included in IFMA's total membership count. The individual members determine what information they wish to share with, or receive from, IFMA, and IFMA Alliance member organizations retain their own identity, culture and business practices. IFMA Alliance partners include:


To help connect members in a given geographical area.