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IFMA’s CFM - 25 Years of Professional Excellence

Feb 02, 2018

IFMA's CFM 25th Anniversary, 2018

IFMA is proud to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Certified Facility Manager® credential and of the first class of CFMs®. The CFM has been helping accomplished FMs distinguish their careers, demonstrate their leadership and highlight their professionalism for 25 years.

IFMA is looking forward to celebrating this milestone, as well as the achievements of those who hold the CFM credential, all year long.

Please share the news with your friends and colleagues in the profession. Let promising FMs know that IFMA is offering $25 off CFM training materials* on fm.training, including the FM Learning System, CFM Practice Exam and upcoming Virtual CM Exam Prep courses. Please share offer code CFM25.

Special congratulations on 25 Years of Professional Excellence to the first class of Certified Facility Managers! Thank you for your continued service, leadership, dedication and expertise.

Richard Cooper
Diane MacKnight
Bart Surratt
Jerry Babicz
Vincent Cucchiella
Ray Lafrenaye
Phyllis Meng
Michael Safranski
Hugh Swan
Thomas Doucette
Keith Bates
Mark Freda
James Daymut
Lisa Slayton
Mark Skiff
Subodh Kumar
Michael Edgar
Stephen Ohms
Patricia Sullivan
John Wood
Douglas Aldrich
Daniel Poggi
Rod Stevens
David Turnquist
Ian Ellis
Dennis Kniery
Peter Pickett, M.ED
Steven Rubenstein
Mark Seward
Ronald Watkins
Frederick Weiss
Kenneth Burkhalter
Skip (Byron) Camp
Fred Errigo
Debbie Jaslow Shatz
Candace Czarny
Behrooz Emam
Daniel Gabie
Andrew McCready
Peter Renner
Jeffery Forrest
Peter Icely
Kurt Kretvix
Marc Adelman
Jerry Bilton
Janet Moody
Jack Tinnel
Louis Baird
Frank Bartolone
Jerry Donovan
John Gioioso
Gregory Letnaunchyn
Robert Meadows
Joe Middleton
John Mitchell
Pele Wylde
William Bergstrom
Paul Brockmann
Carol Farren
Thomas Fincher
Monica Harley
Mark Hennessy
Suzanne Kennedy
Glenn Compton
Christine Neldon
Carlos Padron
Robert Sawhill
Mark Sekula
Michael Solano
Cynthia Solomon
Charlene Donovan
Philip Martin
John Stanley
Donald Vacca
Linda Warner
Anthony Pizzitola
David Wilken
Richard Sievert
Samuel Cohen
William Conley
William Obier
John McLaughlin
Stephen Leszcynski
Paul Young

*Materials offered by IFMA to prepare for the CFM Exam, such as the CFM Exam Prep Workshop, the FM Learning System and CFM practice exams, are optional study resources and are not a requirement of eligibility nor are they endorsed by the CFM Scheme Committee.