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Industry Councils

IFMA formed councils to meet the industry-specific networking and information needs of its members. Truly global in nature, councils are not limited by geographic boundaries. You are able to communicate with colleagues worldwide about issues, concerns and best practices specific to your area of facility management.

  • Academic Facilities Council

    The Academic Facilities council provides a forum for sharing information directed at academic facilities including, but not limited to, primary and secondary schools, technical and community colleges, and private and public colleges and universities.

    Gary Rudkin
  • Airport Facilities Council

    The Airport Facilities council’s membership is open to IFMA members who have some degree of responsibility for an airport facility and those offering specialized products or services to meet their needs. The mission of this council is to effectively address the challenges of managing airports in a global economy.

    John Means
    Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport

    404-382-1284 |
  • Banking Institutions & Credit Unions Council

    The Banking Institutions & Credit Unions council focuses on issues such as security, money handling, banking equipment and regulations, customer liability, drive-up lanes, information privacy, disaster recovery and benchmarking. Educational and networking sessions are a focus at meetings.

    Ron Williams
    Facility Manager

    (847) 932-8323 |
  • City & Country Clubs Council

    The City and Country Clubs Council provides a network for facility managers from city or country clubs offering golf, gourmet dining, public events and/or private parties. Members can connect with other professionals as well as benefit from continuing education opportunities.

    Ian Critchley
    Roundhill Club

    (203) 869-2350 |
  • Corporate Facilities Council

    The Corporate Facilities Council has become a destination of choice for members who are looking to network with others who provide facility management and other services for office settings, particularly headquarters and large campuses. Our members hold a wide variety of positions in facilities management, are from 46 countries, and are actively engaged in supporting each other and the profession.

    Beth Osgood, CFM
    FM-CONSULT-CREATE & Global Facility Management Alliance, GFMA
  • FM Consultants Council

    The FM Consultants council supports new and existing FM consultants as they build a career around their workplace expertise. Through geographical and cross-discipline networking, best practices and small business management skills, the council empowers members to step out into the marketplace. This is a noncommercial forum for members to network and share ideas.

    David Reynolds, CFM, FMP
    Facility Management Consultant
    FM-CONSULT-CREATE & Global Facility Management Alliance, GFMA

    504-481-2627 |
  • Health Care Council

    Health Care Council

    Members of IFMA’s Health Care Council include hospital administrators, facility managers, design and construction professionals, consultants, vendors, and students who serve academic medical centers and community hospitals, retirement facilities, specialty hospitals, and clinics.

    Dr. Sarel Lavy
  • ifma_council_hospitality_rgb_72dpi-as

    Hospitality Council

    The Hospitality Council provides a network for hospitality facility managers and professionals to share resources, connect with other professionals, benefit from continuing education and advance the facility management profession as it relates to the industry..

    Daren Bloomquist
    Assistant Professor
    New Mexico State University

    575-646-5987 |
  • Legal Industry Council

    The Legal Industry council shares information among FMs from law firms, corporate legal departments and academic legal departments. Discussions center on vendor issues, easier and more efficient ways to perform services, emerging technology, ADA, OSHA and other regulatory information.

    Ernie Casas
    Facilities Manager
    Irell & Manella LLP

    (310) 203-7528 |
  • Manufacturing, Industrial & Logistics Council

    The Manufacturing, Industrial and Logistics council provides the opportunity to share similar interests, insights, technical innovations and efficiency improvements, as well as unique processes and procedures, to meet the future demands and challenges of external and internal customers. The council’s membership is open to those that have some degree of responsibility for a manufacturing facility and those offering specialized products or services to meet their needs.

    F. Joshua Millman, AIA, CFM, LEED AP
    Vice President
    NuTec Design Associates, Inc.

    717-434-1570 |
  • Museum/Cultural Institutions Council

    The Museum/Cultural Institutions council meets the highly specialized needs of its members by providing education and training specific to management of science centers, performing arts centers, libraries, historical sites, art institutes, theaters and zoos.

    Matthew Yow , CFM, SMA
    The Packard Humanities Institute

    661-799-7185 |
  • NFC

    Nonprofit Facilities Council

    The Nonprofit Facilities Council focuses on the unique issues faced by facilities professionals managing properties operated by religious denominations, relief organizations, charitable foundations and other similar nonprofit organizations throughout the world.

    James Zielinski
    Director Property Planning & Development
    Diocese of Pittsburgh
  • Public Sector Facilities Council

    The Public Sector Facilities council is for those managing, maintaining or constructing government buildings and facilities. The council addresses the constraints of budgets, organization policies and bureaucracy in city, state, provincial or federal government agencies.

    Darin Rose CFM, SFP, GGP

    303-910-5311 |
  • Research & Development Facilities Council

    The Research & Development Facilities council is dedicated to enhancing the expertise and productivity of FMs dealing with R&D facilities. The council provides a communication link through which members can share information on technical challenges involved in supporting the research and development missions of their employers.
  • IFMA Retail Council

    Retail Facilities Council

    The retail facilities council focuses on issues surrounding the retail facility professional including: going green, utility cost controls, maintenance costs, efficiency, other cost controls, etc.
  • UC Logo

    Utilities Council

    Members of the Utilities council function within the regulated and unregulated utility industries. The council's twice-yearly meetings feature benchmarking sessions, reports, best practices presentations and round table sessions, offering an exceptional exchange of ideas and information.

    Traca A. Skogstad
    Xcel Energy

    715-737-5683 |