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​Global Job Task Analysis

Global Job Task Analysis

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IFMA’s Global Job Task Analysis (GJTA) identifies the critical tasks and work activities of the facility management professional, the context in which those tasks and activities are carried out, and the most crucial knowledge and skills required to perform the job successfully.

When completed, the GJTA process will provide a basis for developing exam specifications and curricula that accurately reflect the scope of practice and an understanding of unique regional and industry needs.

Your voice is essential to making this project a success!


Global Job Task AnalysisThe success of this project is dependent on worldwide participation. The opportunities include:

  • Participating as an interviewee (September/October 2015)
  • Participating in a focus group (September/October 2015)
  • Participating in a task force team to define the domains that represent the principle areas of job responsibility and knowledge needed to perform one’s professional responsibilities
  • Participating by being a regional survey champion
  • Participating by filling out the final survey

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Guided by IFMA's International Credentials Commission (ICC), the GJTA is done in phases and the success is extremely dependent on those who are willing and able to volunteer in some portion of the year-long project. If you would like additional information regarding the GJTA, email This page will be continually updated with details as this initiative progresses.