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Council Expiration and Survey Email

Tips for Using the Council Lapsed Member Letter
The Council Lapsed Member Letter invites former council members to reinstate their membership.The ​email states the council is sorry to see the member go. A survey can be included in this email in order to understand why the member is dropping the chapter.

  • Send this letter to former members. Your council leaders with report access can run the “Former Members (All)” or “Former Members” reports within the members-only area of to identify these members. The “Former Members” report allows you to specify a period of time for which you want to pull former members. The council could run this report on a monthly basis, pulling all former members who dropped their IFMA membership the previous month.

  • Send this letter 3 months after the member expired. IFMA sends an email notifying members that their membership has been dropped 2 months after their Paid Through Date. By sending the council letter 3 months after the member's paid through date, the council will be able to survey their members for reasons the member dropped the council.

  • For Example: For members with a Paid Through Date of 12/31/2015, you would send this email the 2nd week of March 2016.

  • Personalize this letter with information about specific council benefits. What return on investment are you providing to members who participate in local council education and events? Remind your members why council membership is indispensable!

  • Helpful Hint: Send this email in the morning to allow for sufficient time to respond to any member inquiries.