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Community Prospective Member Letter

Tips for Using the Community Prospective Member Letter
This template is an invitation to community membership that can be mailed/emailed.

  • Personalize this email. Insert appropriate information about your council where indicated between these marks < >. You might also consider including the telephone number and e-mail address of a council officer for ease of contact.

  • Pre-qualify your recipients for a greater response rate. Call prospective members to verify title, company and mailing address. Introduce them to IFMA and ask if you can send them some additional information about the Association and your community of practice.

  • A template for the Recruitment Postcard is provided under Communication and Member Tips. Send this e-mail to prospective members you ​mailed a postcard to for follow-up two weeks after sending the letter. You may also use this email as a mailed letter to prospective members. It may be beneficial to include the community brochure with the mailed letter.

  • If you have bad e-mail addresses in your prospective member list, consider calling the potential member. You can also use Google or Yahoo people search to try to find correct e-mail addresses or phone numbers.