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Component Leader Tools

Welcome IFMA Chapter and Council Leaders!

Access to chapter and council leader tools is strictly for IFMA leaders. Please log in for access. If you have any questions about accessing this section, please contact IFMA's components team.

Leader Resources Quick Links

*NEW Leader Report Portal

  • The implementation of the new AMS product offers new tools to leader. Print reports, manage members, manage committees and more.
  • The following errors have been reported and are in the process of being resolved:
    • duplicate members showing in the component roster
    • the "dropped members" report currently not being able to be exported into Excel
    • the "total" number of members not appearing at the bottom of the component roster
    • the "job title" field is currently not a field listed in component reports
    • the search parameters are not pulling members correctly
    • dropped members still appearing on current roster

Thank you for your patience.

Seeking Candidates for IFMA's 2016 Board of Directors

Requirements and procedures for advancement to global committees and board level positions

Board members are selected based on a matrix of requirements. Knowledge of the association, demonstrated leadership ability and a willingness to serve might be included in the consideration of an individual, however, each incoming chairperson determines the skills and abilities they feel will be needed to compliment the association’s needs. Leadership positions in chapters, councils, committees or constituent groups provide valuable training and, contrary to popular opinion, one need not have served as president or chairperson of one of these groups to be appointed to the board of directors. IFMA’s incoming chairperson fills vacancies on the board prior to his or her installation in July 2016.

Anyone wishing to be considered for advancement to the board of directors and/or committee participation should make their wishes known to executive assistant Linda Pate (