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General Best Practices

T​hese standards establish best practices for component leaders who manage their chapter, council and community websites.

​Link to IFMA

All component websites must contain a reference to IFMA headquarters and a hyperlink back to www.ifma.org somewhere on the website.

  • IFMA requires that you include this link, which you may do as text or a graphic using the IFMA logo.
  • You may place this link somewhere on the home page, top navigation, sidebar, footer or anywhere that is easy for users to access.
  • Do not embed the entire IFMA website using an HTML iframe tag.

Copyright statement

Our standard copyright statement includes the copyright symbol, the year ​the website was first launched (not the year the organization started), the current year and the name of the organization.

Council and community sites hosted by IFMA automatically provide a copyright statement in the template footer. Example:

  • © 1998-2018 International Facility Management Association

Chapters are separate legal organizations, so if IFMA doesn't host your website, list your copyright statement using the same format as above, except use the name of ​your chapter instead of IFMA.

About and contact information

Component websites should contain an About page explaining ​the group and your objectives.

Component websites should contain a contact form or the contact information for your leadership.

Site URL

If the web address changes, please have the chapter leaders notify the IFMA ​components team immediately so we can update the links ​referenced on our main website.