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​Style Guide

Last Updated: ​Feb​. 2, 2018

The IFMA brand is an authentic expression of the organization's vision, values and personality. It serves to ​further our mission ​of advancing ​the professional discipline of facility management worldwide.


These brand standards are for anyone using the IFMA brand for marketing, communications or other IFMA-related messaging​ across any medium.


Consistent use of brand assets, and following these style guidelines, helps to strengthen IFMA's brand and mission. By applying the brand carefully, we all help ​protect and enhance its value​.

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Explains the detailed components that make up the visual identity of the IFMA brand. Find specifications about logo, positioning, typography, color​ and architecture.

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IFMA’s writing style is based on the guidelines set forth by the Associated Press Stylebook. This guide offers highlights as well as frequently used and IFMA-centric terms​.