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FMJ Past Issues

FMJ magazine has been published by IFMA since 1988, and digital archives of complete issues from 2012-2017 are available below. In addition, PDFs of individual articles from issues prior to 2013 are available for download on IFMA's Knowledge Library.


 March/April 2021

When the world hit the pause button, facilities and FM hit fast-forward. HVAC, elevators and power plants did not patiently wait for occupants to return. Water systems, fire suppression and safety equipment did not maintain and recertify themselves. Employees did not wander back to the office without a list of health and safety protocols. Despite conflicting views on when (and whether) we can return to life as we once knew it, FM remains in the forefront of ensuring normalcy in facility functionality.  This issue of FMJ examines the ongoing FM to-do list regarding health and safety protocols compounded by the pandemic.

Featured articles include:

  • Thinking Ahead: Using BCPs to stay afloat 
  • Case Study: Using government collaboration to keep COVID-19 at bay 
  • Responsible Priorities: Fire safety in a pandemic world 
  • Closet Chaos: Organizational tips for time, labor and cost savings

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