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FMJ Past Issues

FMJ magazine has been published by IFMA since 1988, and digital archives of complete issues from 2012-2017 are available below. In addition, PDFs of individual articles from issues prior to 2013 are available for download on IFMA's Knowledge Library.

Current issue: The Guts of Your Facility


It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

While the world is attempting to reenter places where we work and congregate, FMs are charged with creating safe, hygienic spaces. From space and how it’s used, to access and visitor management, this issue of your FMJ explores tips and strategies for building a better inside for occupants. 

Featured articles include:

  • Privacy vs. Social – Comparing settings in the workplace
  • Safe Space – Why the office might be a healthier and safer place than home
  • Meeting the Challenge – How VBIS opens new access in Australia 
  • The Speed of Evolution – Flex space changing to fit organizational needs
  • Twinning – The emergence of the digital twin for FM and operations 


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