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IFMA-RICS Collaboration Publishes Strategic Facility Management Framework

Oct 09, 2017

The IFMA-RICS collaboration aims to promote a deep understanding of the FM sector to ensure all practitioners and their clients benefit from consistent, world-leading professional standards and guidance. We will focus on training and equipping FM professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver and use those standards. This is a major advancement for a profession which is increasingly seen as crucial to any business’s corporate strategy. It will improve consistency and transparency in the property information available and enhance the work of FM professionals by:

• increasing consistency and transparency of practice across the global FM community
• integrating FM strategies throughout all stages of the building life cycle; and
• promoting recognition of FM as an aspirational career choice.
IFMA and RICS are consulting with the FM industry on the publication of a Strategic Facility Management Framework document that aims to set out a planned approach to defining a strategy for the delivery of FM. The framework document is intended to establish facility management in the context of the wider organizational needs, bringing together guidance from IFMA, RICS, ISO, CEN and BSI and the open-source Workplace Management Framework. The Framework sets out best practice considerations for strategic planning of FM, and the implementation, development and delivery of routine services and projects. The guidance is intended to help Facility Managers achieve a common understanding of the context, role and value of FM and the importance of ensuring that organizational performance is optimized.
The Strategic FM Framework has been authored by IFMA Fellow Dave Wilson, CFM.
To take part in the consultation and register your comments, please go to: http://rics.org/stratfmconsultation