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IFMA Staff Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the CFM

| Nov 20, 2018

This has been a wonderful year, and IFMA has a lot to celebrate!

As 2018 begins to wind down, IFMA staff at the Service Center of Excellence in Houston ​recognized the CFM 25th Anniversary with jubilant photo-booth-style pictures and silly "selfies" to share our excitement for the next 25 years of FM excellence with CFMs and IFMA Members. 

IMG_7647   IMG_7644

While the pictures are light-hearted and fun, IFMA CFMs have made serious contributions to the FM industry. They set the bar for professional excellence, work hard to train upcoming generations of FMs and are the experts we turn to in the built environment.


CFMs, IFMA thanks you for you effort, expertise and achievements over the past quarter century. We're looking forward to seeing where our journey together takes us next!

 IMG_2759  IMG_2763 IMG_2783 IMG_2784 IMG_2787

We love IFMA CFMs!

Happy 25th Anniversary.