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New Ethics Requirement for CFM Exam Candidates and CFM Recertifications:

| Oct 04, 2017

Beginning January 1, 2018, all CFM Exam Applicants will be required to take an Ethics Assessment prior to issuance of the CFM certificate.  Additionally, all CFMs recertifying, will be required to take the Ethics Assessment once every 6 years, or with every other recertification period. 

Rationale:  IFMA is a member of the International Ethics Standards Coalition (IESC), which has created an ethical framework for the global property market. As a result, the CFM Scheme Committee has determined that an Ethics Assessment will be required for all current CFMs, as well as CFM credential applicants.

Process:  The “go live date” for the Ethics Assessment Requirement will be January 1, 2018. The CFM Scheme Committee has determined the criteria for programs meeting the standards of the IESC, and thus far, have chosen two programs which meet the requirements, one is the RICS Ethics Assessment and the other is HR Training Courses – Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Training.  

If a CFM’s employer has an Ethics Assessment which employees take as part of in-service training, the course can be submitted to the CFM Scheme Committee for approval.  Please contact for additional information.

• For exams scheduled after January 1, 2018, CFM applicants will be required to complete an Ethics Assessment before achieving the CFM credential. 
• All recertifying CFMs will complete the assessment to recertify. 
• CFMs will be required to complete the assessment every six (6) years, or every other renewal term. 
• Employer sponsored in-service training Ethics Courses can be submitted for approval and used to meet this requirement.

More information will be posted ​soon, including assessment fees and instructions for training registration.