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FMJ Advertising

IFMA’s award-winning magazine, FMJ, is the leading resource for industry professionals seeking to improve the productivity of their facilities.

FMJ is the only industry magazine backed by the strength of IFMA's 22,000+ (and growing) global membership.

More than 85 percent of IFMA members say FMJ is one of the most beneficial publications they read, and more than 70 percent save each issue of FMJ for a month or longer to use as a reference.

Each issue of FMJ focuses on a specific concern, trend or aspect of facility management — an ideal opportunity to target your reach. FMJ’s competitive rates provide an opportunity to reach a concentrated audience of decision makers in the market for workplace solutions.

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Contact IFMA’s Expos and Advertising team at expoadv@ifma.org or +1-713-623-4362.