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IFMA’s Qualified Instructor (IQI) program is a platform for FM professionals who have a desire to give back to the industry by helping others advance their professional development through one of IFMA’s credential and competency programs. Our IQIs facilitate IFMA Competency Course(s) and/or our 1-day CFM Exam Prep Workshop.

Accepted candidates wishing to become an IQI should possess existing knowledge of adult learning principals and instructional experience that focuses on comprehension and retention of knowledge and mastery of skills.

Qualified Instructors will understand:

  • The instructor’s role in learning
  • Adult learning processes
  • Influences on learning
  • Specifying behavior types
  • Instructional planning
  • Oral presentation methods
  • Questioning strategies
  • Discussion and group participation methods
  • Use of instructional media and devices
  • Techniques to measure and evaluate student achievement
  • Effective learning environments
  • Class supervision


Please read about the IFMA Qualified Instructor Process, to learn more.