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Claim Your Badge

How to Claim Your Badge

Are you a current FMP, SFP, CFM or RCFM in good standing? Follow these steps to claim your badge:

  1. Look for an email from Credly’s Acclaim platform ( — this will provide links and instructions to set up your account and claim your badge. (Note: FMPs and SFPs will receive the first Acclaim message in early March.)
  2. Click the link to set up your account on Acclaim. It will only take a moment to enter a few pieces of information.
  3. Accept Acclaim’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  4. Upon clicking the “Create My Account” button, check your inbox for ​a confirmation email.
  5. Use the link provided in the confirmation to sign in using the account you created.
  6. Once signed in you’ll see your badge information and can claim your pending badge.
  7. After accepting the badge, you’ll be directed to the “Share Badge” screen to start showcasing your achievement where you choose. You can view your badge in your profile, explore recommended next steps or related badges, download an image of your badge and manage your preferences.

Earned the CFM but haven’t recertified? If your certification isn’t current and in good standing, you’re missing out on the benefits of digital badges. Contact to learn how you can bring your CFM up to date.

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