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Credential Badges

Digital Credential Badges

As part of ​the world-class suite of IFMA credentials, we offer digital badges, which are web-enabled, shareable and verifiable versions of professional development accomplishments.

We partner with Credly, a top digital badging company, to provide this service through their platform, Acclaim.

Digital badges are currently available to professionals who have earned the Certified Facility Manager® (CFM®) and Retired CFM® (RCFM®). We’re also working to enable digital badges for other IFMA credentials, IFMA Foundation Accredited Degree Program graduates and more in 2019.

CFMs and RCFMs: Get more from ​your ​certification by activating your badge

Showcase the FM certification that you worked hard to earn and maintain. With your digital badge, you can:

  • Share your certification online in a way that’s simple, trusted and can be easily verified in real time
  • Convey underlying skills and qualifications quickly and clearly
  • Gain instant, secure credential ​validation
  • Benefit from protection against identity theft or fraudulent claims
  • Maximize your visibility and differentiation in the job market by sharing via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email or your website
  • Maintain full control of your online preferences and privacy

Digital badges are a benefit of earning your CFM, so there’s no fee and you maintain full control of your online preferences and profile.

Learn more about claiming your CFM badge.

You must be a Certified Facility Manager to claim ​your badge. Learn more about earning your CFM at

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