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Professional Development

‚ÄčTrain the Trainer

IFMA’s Train-the-Trainer program is designed to prepare you to facilitate the CFM Exam Prep Workshop and Facility Management Learning System, the FMP and the SFP.

Over three days, this course will walk instructor candidates through the fundamentals of how to deliver effective training to adults who are interested in continuing their professional development through one of IFMA’s credential programs. The program will provide candidates with the best tools and resources to ensure their success as an IFMA Qualified Instructor.

The course will cover:
• The instructor’s role in learning
• The adult learning process
• Influences on learning
• Identifying course content
• Specifying behavior types
• Instructional planning
• Written instruction materials
• Oral presentation methods
• Questioning Strategies
• Discussion and group participation methods
• Use of instructional media
• Use of instructional devices
• Ways of measuring and evaluating student achievement
• Effective learning environments
• Class Supervision


The following documents are for background information. Thank you for your interest in IFMA training.

Train the Trainer Application

IFMA Qualified Instructor Handbook

IFMA Qualified Instructor Process

IFMA Qualified Instructor Agreement