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Who Are You?

IFMA Membership Flow Chart

Where do you fit in the FM community?

FM Professional

  • Access educational and informational resources that will help you meet goals, strengthen your skill set, and ensure high-performing facilities and teams.
  • Connect with peers who share your commitment to excellence and the continued advancement of FM.
  • Exchange ideas and best practices with fellow members.

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Young Professional

  • Under the age of 35? Just starting out as an FM? Young Professional membership is a valuable knowledge-, network- and career-builder.
  • Increase your marketability as a knowledgeable professional through continuing education, industry information and leadership development.
  • Get active, get involved and make a difference in your career, the association and the profession.

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FM Student

  • Jump start your career! As a Student member, you can begin building your resume early.
  • Connect with experienced professionals, find out about internship programs and research projects, and get involved in local student chapters.
  • Add IFMA courses to your curriculum and attend IFMA events at reduced rates.

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Company Representative or Solutions Provider

  • Associate membership is primarily for those who market, represent, distribute or provide facility-related products and services.
  • Connect with FM professionals, build brand awareness and contribute to the advancement of FM.
  • Benefit from education, credentialing and resources geared toward enhancing your knowledge of the profession.

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Product & Service Provider

  • Corporate Sustaining Partnership is designed for companies that provide product and service solutions to FM professionals.
  • Strengthen your corporate profile among the world’s largest facility management audience.
  • Membership is for the company, not an individual.
  • Choose from several levels of participation, each offering exclusive marketing and promotional benefits.

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Transitioning to an FM Career

  • Join as a Professional Member and tap into IFMA’s extensive knowledge and resources to learn more about your new career.
  • The Facility Management Professional (FMP®) credential program will help you get up to speed on FM core competencies.
  • Chapter, community and/or council membership provides a wealth of opportunities for professional growth.

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Retired FM

  • If you’ve retired from a full-time FM position, you can still stay on top of advancements in the industry and keep in touch with the IFMA community.
  • Share your FM expertise and insights; continue contributing to the ever-growing knowledge base of the profession.
  • Reach out to students and emerging leaders as a mentor; join committees and advisory boards.

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Job Seeker

  • The IFMA community is an active support system of professionals who assist and counsel one another.
  • Take advantage of a free resume listing on JOBnet, a searchable online job board exclusively for FM.
  • Many IFMA chapters, communities and councils offer employment referral services for members.

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Other Workplace Professional

  • If you support any aspect of the workplace—security, IT, sustainability, engineering, architecture, design, real estate, human resources, food services, etc.—you benefit from the same educational and networking resources as an FM Professional.
  • Collaborate with a community of knowledgeable facility managers to ensure the efficiency, safety and longevity of your workplace.

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Not Sure?

  • Visit Membership Categories for detailed descriptions of each available membership type.
  • Call IFMA at +1-713-623-4362 for more information.

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