Facilities are managed in the field – not from behind a desk.


Facilities are managed in the field – not from behind a desk. That’s why FM:Systems created FM:Mobile.  FM:Mobile gives you complete access to your facilities data in FM:Interact, FM:Systems’ IWMS product, so you can manage your portfolio no matter where you are.  Featuring HTML5 technology and a user-interface designed specifically for mobile devices, FM:Mobile lets you create, lookup, edit and close work orders, view floor plan drawings and run reports, all while in the field.  Supported devices include the Apple® iPhone® and iPad®. 

A few of the daily tasks made easier with support for mobile platforms include:

Facility Maintenance
Enter, edit and manage maintenance requests
Retrieve and accept work orders
Manage building equipment and facility assets
See work order and equipment history in the field

Space and Occupancy
Schedule and authorize moves
Locate employees
Audit and update space and occupancy data

Projects and Sustainability
Update project information
Conduct sustainability assessments
Evaluate project performance

Real Estate Portfolio
View and edit property information
Access lease data and documents  

About the FM:Interact Workplace Management Suite

FM:Interact helps organizations improve customer service, reduce costs and increase productivity enterprise-wide.  Customers have quick and easy access to key facilities information such as floor plans, reports, employee information and critical documents.  Other modules of FM:Interact include Facility Maintenance, Strategic Planning, Real Estate and Portfolio Management, Asset Management, Move Management, Project Management and Sustainability.  FM:Interact customers have reported impressive results: 

  • Reduced occupancy costs by 15%
  • Reduced churn rate from 225% to 120%
  • Reduced annual move spend by 88%
  • Increased onboarding capacity by 60%