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SRF: An Alternative for Removing Soot from Structures and Contents

BELFOR Property Restoration

SRF:  An Alternative for Removing Soot from Structures and Contents

If an unexpected fire in your facility left the walls and contents covered in soot, there is a safe and effective way cleaning technique to consider called Soot Removal Film, or SRF. 

Developed by the restoration professionals at BELFOR, Soot Removal Film is an effective alternative to dry or wet cleaning of surfaces affected by soot or dust contamination.  Because SRF is water-free and environmentally-friendly, it is an ideal product for facilities where the use of water is prohibited, and an effective substitute for wet cleaning or powder jets.

SRF is a white liquid that is either sprayed or applied with a soft brush.  Very little preparation and virtually none (or very little) enclosure from other areas is required. 

Once SRF is applied, it takes approximately 24 hours to dry.  The dry film is removed – along with the soot, dust or other source of contamination – by simply pulling it off the affected surface.  There’s no residue and no need for final drying.  The soot does not smear as it would when vacuum-cleaned or brushed/wiped off.  The disposal of contaminants is completely dust-free.

With no further penetration of contamination into the surface, this almost non-destructive and non-corrosive technique is very important for facades and wood.  Surfaces such as concrete, brick, stone, plaster, dispersion paint, plastic and metal that are dry or slightly affected typically yield good results.

After years of research and experience, BELFOR has developed different versions of the SRF product that are suitable for various conditions of fire damage restoration:

  • SRF 4 NA – Highly optimized product without ammonia.
  • SRF 4 UV NA – Resistant to ultraviolet light; can be removed or pulled off many days after being applied.
  • SRF Adhesion Reducer (or Soot Removal Granulate) – for chemical or mechanical highly sensitive objects (paintings, frescos, wooden furniture, etc.); an adhesion reducer is added or a jet with extremely soft, semi-moist granulate is applied.
  • SRS – small areas may be cleaned using the BELFOR Soot Removal Sponge.

For more information on Soot Removal Film, call your local BELFOR Property Restoration office or the 24-hour emergency hotline at 1-800-856-3333.