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Sit-to-Stand Adjustable Electric Desk


CORT’s workplace furniture solutions reflect the latest trends in workplace layout and functionality. As workplaces are becoming more versatile to accommodate the changing workforce and employee expectations, the need for expanded options has become critical. The line between home and office is becoming blurred. Many offices are offering workspaces that not only offer the comforts of home, but that also encourage conversation and interaction among employees. Meeting employee needs and employee satisfaction is becoming an important factor in office design, as smart companies are realizing the implications an engaged and productive workforce can have on overall business performance.

CORT understands the need to meet employee needs, and in response to the rising concerns about the health of employees with sedentary job, has introduced a product to help employees combat the health risks associated with prolonged sitting such as obesity and heart disease.

The Sit-to-Stand Adjustable Desk/Table is a healthy alternative for employees that would otherwise sit for the majority of the workday. Made with a durable and scratch resistant white laminate top, the desk can support up to 200 pounds on its surface. This weight limit allows for the desk to support the than traditional found on a desk while still providing sit to stand flexibility. The desk itself has an extendable range from 25 7/8” to 44 7/8’’, a 19’’ height adjustment, to allow for maximum usability by employees of all sizes. In addition to encouraging employee health, the desk’s unique design promotes collaboration within the work team to encourage the sharing of ideas for a higher level of employee engagement and productivity.