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Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles


Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles

EthoSource offers an eco-friendly and cost effective office furniture solution by specializing in refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles.   Refurbished Ethospace cubicles are ideal for any facility that requires systems furniture that is extremely durable, highly flexible and great looking.  Every EthoSource customer is provided with complete space planning and design support along with expert consultation regarding color selections.   EthoSource is unique in their ability to provide refurbished and pre-owned cubicles that meet the customer’s exact specification requirements.  This is possible due to the high volume of Ethospace product that EthoSource inventories at all times.  In addition to refurbished cubicles EthoSource has a wide selection of beautiful pre-owned executive offices, conference rooms, seating, filing and much more.

Ethospace cubicles offer the following diverse features:

  • Frame-and-tile system which allows for maximum flexibility in the partition construction.  Items such as tackable tiles, window tiles, marker boards and paper management tiles can easily be incorporated into any cubicle.
  • Design freedom is achieved by offering multiple frame heights and widths.  Ethospace is a stackable system allowing for easy modification in the future should requirements change.
  • The aesthetic appeal of Ethospace can remain relevant for many years due to the ease of updating existing product with new fabrics and finishes with minimal workplace disruption.
  • Power and date capability of Ethospace is unparalleled.  With the ability to locate power and data at any location along the height of each panel Ethospace is able to accommodate any technology requirement.
  • Green design solutions including the re-use of core structural components, the reduction of harmful VOC’s, and the specification of recycled fabrics allow you to achieve your desired aesthetic with minimal environmental impact. Refurbished cubicles from EthoSource are also a great way to earn points toward LEED certification.