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Planon Universe

Planon Universe

Planon homepage - IFMA featured product

"Planon Universe is an innovative Integrated Workplace Management (IWMS) platform that unifies all stakeholders in a continuous improvement process and combines innovative software solutions with proven best-practices and easy-to-use interaction for all workplace stakeholders. In addition, Planon Universe comes with flexible license models and a fast deployment either via our secure cloud service or by installation on premise. 

Planon Universe offers a full IWMS suite of software solutions that are operated from one technology platform, truly based on a single source of truth, and integrated by design. This ensures full transparency of processes across multiple domains such as:

• Real Estate Management: providing strategic information and streamlined processes for optimizing any real estate portfolio. This solution enables optimal support throughout the real estate lifecycle, facilitates the primary processes, and reduces accommodation and operational costs.
• Space & Workplace Management: providing tools to plan, manage, and operate different accommodation and workplace concepts. This solution helps optimize space utilization, improves the occupancy of meeting spaces and workplaces, and increases the service level for employees. 
• Maintenance Management: ensuring optimal asset performance for buildings, installations, and equipment, whilst enabling cost-efficient maintenance. This solution combines accurate planning with execution of preventive and condition-based maintenance to reduce costs, minimize disruption, and enable business continuity.
• Integrated Services Management: integrates people and workplace-focused FM and IT business services into a single solution, allowing control and monitoring throughout the request-to-delivery process. This solution monitors Service Level Agreements and helps to  increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction.
• Sustainability Management: measures and monitors the sustainability profile of buildings and processes in a continuous circle and enables improvements. This solution helps to reduce an organization’s energy consumption and emissions and facilitates reporting compliance with local or national legislation.

For all software solutions, Planon Universe also includes a portfolio of professional implementation and consulting services that guarantees a full lifecycle support. This encompasses over 30 years’ of combined experience in 2,000 worldwide implementations into a standardized best practice that includes proven and ready-to-use processes. Planon provides pre-configured processes, including workflows, catalogs, reports, dashboards, templates, roles, authorizations, data import facilities and configuration descriptions.

Planon is a global Integrated Workplace Management software provider. Their power to innovate comes from investing over 20% of their revenue in research and innovation. With more than 500 employees, 2,000 customers across 10 countries worldwide, and three customer support centers, Planon is able to facilitate both large global multinationals AND local organizations.