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Fully integrated Service Solutions Provider.

Khidmah L.L.C.


Khidmah was created in a time and place that offered unparalleled opportunities.  As an Emirati owned and operated Company, every member of the Khidmah team understands the needs across markets and asset categories in Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain, the Western Region as well as Dubai and the Northern Emirates. 

Our model translates into any language, any culture, and any market recognising the need to be competitive across diverse marketplaces.  By doing so, Khidmah’s capabilities to deliver outstanding Service to our Clients at genuinely good value, is what makes us uniquely different and has spurred us to grow from strength to strength. 

We focus on increasing the long-term value of the assets we manage by delivering excellent service at competitive market rates.  From consulting and operational recommendations during the design and construction phase, to marketing and leasing services, to full operation management and maintenance, we understand the entire life cycle of an asset and provide

Services to meet all those comprehensive needs.

Our vision of Service delivery through integrity, quality, innovation, teamwork, excellence and leadership is shared by every single member of Khidmah.  It is a vision we see clearly every day and perform in everything we do.  

We aim to pioneer the Middle East region and emerging markets in utilising our attributes and establishing our commitment to excellence to ensure we place this part of the world firmly on the map.  We do this by demonstrating our competences in line with the highest of international standards.

We believe the goals of all stakeholders have a common cornerstone – Service.  Whether the customer is an Owner, a Resident, a Vendor, a Client or an Employee, focusing on anticipating and meeting their individual needs enables Khidmah to live up to the customary standards we have set to be the leader in the Service industry.