Technology and advisory firm Spacewell (former MCS Solutions – Axxerion – Plandatis – Crem Solutions) is part of the Nemetschek Group, a publicly-listed strategic holding company whose operating subsidiaries employ more than 2,500 people around the world. The Group’s software enables life-cycle management of buildings through integrating the processes of designing, constructing and operating a facility. The Nemetschek Group drives the digitalization of the building industry, in order to realize a seamless flow of information and feedback throughout all project stages, from design to build, to maintenance and operation.




Smart(er) building management

Spacewell has built a strong and global position in the fast-growing building management segment. By investing in building management software, building owners can achieve significant cost benefits, simplify operations and maintenance, increase building performance, better satisfy the needs of occupants and differentiate their space in the competitive real estate market.

At Spacewell, we are focused on making building management smarter and creating a better occupant experience through integrating IWMS and the Internet of Things. Our Smart Building platform Cobundu™ is recognized as the first complete, turn-key software solution for implementing a Smart Building and connects to most popular sensor technology. By leveraging real-time IoT sensor data, facility managers can monitor and improve comfort and space, provide real-time assistance to building users and deliver more effective, activity-based services.

 Global expansion

In recent years, Spacewell accelerated its growth through both innovation and global expansion. After bringing its solutions to the broader footprint of the Nemetschek Group in August 2018, the company further expanded its SaaS footprint through the acquisition in January 2019 of multi-tenant SaaS provider Axxerion, headquartered in the Netherlands. Axxerion’s workflow-based cloud software offers lighter functionality and easy configurability allowing for rapid activation. By joining forces, we can offer an even more complete solution for facility and property management, IWMS and smart buildings.

Make buildings work for people

From its inception in 1989, Spacewell has taken a human-centric approach to building performance. The company pioneered the transformation of CAD plans into intelligent database objects, soon realizing that the key to drive productivity in real estate would come from taking the drawings out of the hands of CAD experts and allowing a broad group of non-specialists to use these drawings for a variety of purposes.

Our solutions, expertise and reach have dramatically evolved since then, but our core purpose is more than ever to make buildings work harder for their occupants through unlocking the power of building data. We assist our clients to optimize their facility operations and achieve bottom-line savings. And we help them create workplaces that offer the agility, flexibility, and connectivity needed to support new ways of working.

We believe technology solutions need to address real-world challenges and enable scenarios that quickly yield ROI. That is why our solutions are based on deep domain expertise from in-house FM specialists working with software developers and data scientists. Our suite of solutions is built from the ground up to be naturally integrated across domains. It is built on the latest IoT and mobile technologies to make buildings smarter in the way they work for their occupants.