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New Pig

New Pig
One Pork Avenue
TIpton, PA 16684
United States
Contact: Carl DeCaspers
Phone: 814-684-0101

The New Pig Difference

We work tirelessly to take a mess and leave a difference

At New Pig, we’re on a different path – one where products, personality and point-of-view redefine what a clean, safe and sustainable workplace can be. No one else in our industry works as tirelessly as we do to be your PARTNERS IN GRIME®.

We work with you to stay one step ahead of trouble

You know it better than anyone: wet messes make people slip and productivity slide. They make bad things happen. The slop never stops, so neither can you. Day in and day out, it’s your job to make good decisions quickly. So day in and day out, it’s our job to help you do yours.

Day in and day out, it’s our job to help you do yours.

We make the world’s best stuff to battle the world’s worst

We’ve been taking problems to task since we invented the industrial absorbent category in 1985. And whether your workplace woes are pesky or profound, we’ll keep plugging away at ‘em until the last drip drops. By taking a clean-slate approach to dirty places, we’re able to think thoughts others haven’t, and make the products others can’t – mats that gripsocks that suck and drum lids that can be opened with one hand. This shouldn't come as a shock. After all, “New” is our first name.

We care about you and have a funny way of showing it

The extra mile isn't far enough

We back up our industrial-strength solutions with the PIG Promise and our No Guff Guarantee™. We get your order out the door within 24 hours, answer the phone before the third ring and refund every penny if something’s not right. It’s all par for our customer service course. And while we understand that the factory floor is no place to mess around, life is not a factory floor. So we’ve got pig hats, and we’re not afraid to use them. Because every smile is a break in your day.

Is it business as usual? Definitely not. But at New Pig, making a difference means being different. So give us a try, and we’ll show you how passionate we are about both.