AECOM’s Facility Operations & Maintenance business is now Amentum. Effective 31 January 2020, the AECOM Management Services Group business (including Facility Operations & Maintenance) has been sold. This business is now known as Amentum.

At Amentum we serve global clients in Nuclear Operations & Environmental Remediation, Mission Support and Sustainment, Threat Mitigation and Mission Assurance, Test, Training and Evaluation and Program Management. Amentum predominately supports the U.S Government as well as allied nations of the United States in Defense, Energy, and Technology. Though the needs for each mission may vary, our ability to deliver above and beyond the call of duty always remains consistent.

Within Facilities Operations and Maintenance, we provide facility and production maintenance support to ensure our client’s sustained operations and asset preservation, as well as equipment maintenance to ensure production / manufacturing asset uptime and reliability. With our logistics services, we also have the capability to implement and control the efficient and effective use and storage of goods, along other aspects of the supply chain, during the life of the services contracts.